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How to avoid negative review from Buyer

There are lots of fraud scammer buyer in fiverr. They told you do so many revision and when they will get their service then message you “they don’t like it”, “refund me” etc. That means they want free service here. And if you reject to give him/her refund then they will give you a negative review. So stay avoid from them and cancel the order mutually otherwise they can give you a negative feedback. And a negative feedback can destroy your freelancing career. So my suggestion will be just cancel the order.
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yes, i did like that all the time… that is great help to avoid negative review… :slight_smile:

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Well, in my Fiverr practice not a lot of such clients, because even if they don’t like my work i don’t provide the code and that’s it. Would like to refund? You’ll get a refund but, you don’t get the code. But exceptions happens.

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can you describe which code did you provide?

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I mean source code. I’m a developer, so if client don’t like something, i can just erase it from server and in this case client don’t get code for free. In this case i will just mutual cancel the order and that’s all. But usually all my clients are happy with the service i’ve providing


OK, Thank you so much :slight_smile:

Thank You Very Much.

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I feel like it depends on your priorities. Some people might not be willing to just cancel an order if they need the money at the moment, and others might decide to prioritize their reputation over the pay for a project. (Of course it’s probably different for sellers with hundreds or thousands of reviews, who can probably ford a few bad reviews here or there. It’s kind of an exaggeration to say that a single negative review would destroy anyone’s freelancing career.)
I guess what I’m trying to say is that it’s not a black-and-white issue.

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Give your 1000% because review is life on fiverr.

That’s a good & only one way.

Nowadays it depends on the ratio of my analytics. For the most part I refuse to cancel a job that I completed as my gig describes - or work for free. Because the scammer wins that way.

If I can afford - stats wise - to cancel, at a buyer’s request… on a smaller job, that took me less than 5 minutes and a buyer is just not satisfied - I might do it… but not very often because cancellations also work against analytics.

Provide exactly what he/she want.No matter how much money he/she is giving you.

I think you should discuss about the buyer about the requirement and Discuss if any mistake happens. So that you can avoid negative comments or review.

Thank you for sharing info.

That is terrible advice.

You don’t let people exploit you just to avoid a bad review, unless you want to make pennies per hour.





Yes! It’s a recipe for disaster and invites exploitative people. Plus it guarantees low income.


First of all you have to support your client with your best effort and your communication need to be supportive. Talk carefully before start the contract. take safe time period. I hope you can avoid the bad rating.

you can also join

I think as long as we already give the best service that we can do and fullfil the client request, we should not give any refund.

Just stand firm. You deserved to be paid for what you have worked on.
This way can help to reduce scam buyer too.
Otherwise there Will be a lot of people who read this Will do the threat and they got it for free.

Just stand firm for what you have done, unless you didn’t meet the client request.
As long as you have five your best effort, my suggestions is NEVER CANCEL THE JOB and NEVER GAVE REFUND.

Fiverr has developed a system’ where even if you have a negative review, you Will still be able to get any job

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Yes,it’s true but most of them are ok and very nice to deal with. There’s always that 1% 2% that are going to cause you trouble but don’t argue with them. If a person is serious he is going to work with your and always find a solution… then there are others that their only purpose in life is to scam others,there’s nothing to do about it, move on is the best solution,never argue with anyone because that might get your account in trouble. You earn the money only when they are in your bank account,that’s it… Even today I ran into one of these kind of buyers,always be polite with them , if they insult you do not respond in the same way , I always tell them that they are right and I am wrong I think this kills them haha . Anyway these kind of bad situation can also happen to them , think about it if they have a business and they ran into someone like themselves , maybe they will wake up then or maybe not :slight_smile: I had situation where I clearly followed absolutely all the instructions,everything without exception and after I sent the files I was always getting the same response back ‘’ they are great,thank you for the tremendous work ‘’ and after a day or even a few hours everything changed to ‘’ I don’t really like it,can you do this… can you do that can we cancel the order’’ ? Sure… let’s cancel the order , why not … the result with these kind of buyer is always without exception going to be the same… If he’s plan from the beginning is to play these kind of games then the result will always be the same.

Stay safe