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How to avoid negative reviews [ARCHIVED THREAD started in 2012]


Keep the gig conversation open. Don’t deliver a gig with a “Please make a review of my product.” As some buyers don’t care if you delivered on time or think you can read their minds, and sometimes they except something completely different or change their minds too quickly. If you keep the line open some buyers will ask for a little change or fix on the delivered product, it all depends on what you are delivering, and how much it is worth. You may as well take advantage from their response to explain why you shouldn’t change or modify your delivery, or ask for extra gigs.

If you want to avoid bad reviews, deliver on time and be quick on your response. For example. “Hi, the video is ready!” or if you are close to the deadline “Hi, Thanks for your patience your video is ready.” That will be enough for the costumer to decide if he/she is satisfied with your service.

Don’t be over eager to get feedback, and don’t promote changes in the delivery. Saying “Please let me know if you are satisfied with my video” will only lend your buyer to hesitate and end up asking for changes in the end. You may ask for extra gigs, but it might get tricky in the long run.

Be quick and go to the point, and make your client know that you are also a human being with limited time and resources. Oh and never sound too formal-robotic. Keep it natural.


These are helpful tips!


to certain extent I agree but what of we who are new in fiverr and who is also into programming stuff. Are you advicing not to ask about how the buyers feel?


I dont agree with dont ask for a review! Because most buyers forget! Especially if they are a first time buyer! They dont know how to leave a review in most cases! I say “Dont forget too…” or “Remember to…” just so they know! Asking for the review is perfectly fine


My suggestion to avoid negative reviews is to do what you said that you would do and provide undisputed proof that you actually did it. I had someone do some traffic work for me and then tried to refuse to show proof that they did the work by telling me to sign up for google analytics. I got my money back of course because she was trying to avoid a negative review.


Nice advice


When i buyer reject a work, and tells me that “i can’t work with you” after three times correction, and sudden refuse replying me, What do you expect me to do?


Haven’t tried one. I am kind of nervous. heheheh, so it means you can’t delete some bad reviews then. Oh my god :smiley:


I don’t think that politely reminding the customer to rate the delivered service is a no-no. They may forget or they may rush into downloading the deliverables so, a little reminder doesn’t harm. I just had the ball rolling lately ( I’m new here) and I have witnessed that all my customers promplty review my gigs almost immediately and in all cases I include a brief review reminder in the delivery message. But surely, demanding impolitely a review is not what I’d like to see, as customer. The suggestion is there and the customer has the freedom to proceed or skip.
To avoid unreasonably negative reviews based on misread or not read gig description (quite common as I see in threads here) I have included a section in the order requirements where I ask the buyer to confirm whether they read and understood the gig description AND my terms of service that are uploaded as a pdf in the gallery. In that way, I hope I will not encounter unfortunate situations where customers demand revisions or refunds based on failing to understand my offers. That way I believe I can have enough proof if any case escalates to CS.
In regards to “please let me know if you are satisfied with your order” well, my mission here is to offer quality psychic readings and in any case that there is a mistake from my side I am more than willing to correct it regardless of the time it may take.So, I always include a similar line in my delivery. But I understand this doesn’t have application to all fiverr gigs, some are offered as is or are based on templates etc.