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How To Avoid Negative Reviews

Some buyers are not worth the money. Trust your instincts on how they communicate with you. 95% of the time, when I felt that the buyer is too pushy or demanding, he/she most often will give you a hard time.

Sometimes these buyers are the ones that just demand a $5 gig, just let it go and ask them to agree cancelling it. Why? Because first, you might not even get a rating and worse… they WILL give you a bad rating in re-deliveries and communication.

I hope this tip will be beneficial to beginners. You don’t want lousy buyers to spoil your gig and what you’re worth. But by all means, treat your buyers respectfully and with gratitude.

Hope it helps :slight_smile:

a buyer left a negatuve review after delivering and asking 4 revisions he is not online since 4 days

Contact fivrr support in this case

I have had this issue especially effecting late deliveries and now am negatively rated on delivery time! The only way is to add more time and explain the reason.

That is true, but be mindful that not all buyers are like that. I’ve had multiple experiences in which the buyer didn’t know exactly what they wanted, and it seemed to me like they wanted to get more out of a $5 gig.
In the end, communication is key and if you get to that point in which you can both understand each other, they won’t give you a bad rating. I think it’s better to speak to the buyer instead of rushing and cancelling the gig.

Oh yes, exactly! This is one problem I face as well. Yup, adding time helps.

Exception Can’t be example.

Most buyers are good and if you can handle them with proper service and good communication,They will surely evaluate you.

But,If someone try to make wrong with you,you should contact with fiverr support with proof. The customer care will help you definitely.

Keep calm and behave well with your customers in any situation. you know, well behave can produce flowers within desert too.

Wish you great success.

How can I get review from all clients?

My service comes with unlimited revison: this helps in ensuring that buyers are satisfied before final delivery. When this feature is well used, there is high probability of getting 5 stars. Also, most buyers don’t know the value of 5-stars review, you can educate them. Thanks

Here’s a longer version with better details how to prevent negative reviews from happening in the first place:

Yes, I have experienced with such buyers.

There should be filter incoming buyers. Because everyone has different goals in fiverr.

Even my perfect show still has a defect in the eyes of customers.

And I could not work for free in fiverr

hello everyone… almost everyone here seems experienced. So i think you guys can help me.

Recently i completed an order on graphic design. But after i deliver the order there’s no such response from that buyer. He left without giving me any rating. I tried and still trying to communicate with him. But no reply from him. So, in that case its showing 0% positive rating!

What can i do now? Please help…

Get with Fiverr customer support…

I’m really confused with ratings and cancellations affecting my performance stats. A poor rating will negatively affect me, but so will a cancellation. Is canceling really better? Will a negative review negatively affect me more than a cancelation?