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How to avoid not serious clients?

i had recently a buyer “luckylynn” who had picks to enhance of a selfie stick needed it look amazing for marketing my product on amazon. First he doesn’t send me any of them for like a week i told him that i get nothing. Week after he told me “sorry can i send them in a day or 2 my computer took a crash” 2 days later canceled the gig and gave me bad review saying “canceled order, seller failed to deliver on time” ??? well there is nothing to do about it.

This just happened to me too! I am so upset. If I ask someone to send me the information, i assume they are preparing it. Why would they cancel the order all of a sudden! the least they can do is let me know and then I can cancel it from my end!! But it is a lesson learned. Once the order goes on the 2nd day late and the buyer has the ABILITY to cancel, you should initiate a cancellation request. In the long run, canceling an order is WAYYYY much better than that automatic review fiverr gives. A good way to avoid clients that are not serious is see if they provide you with all the information that you asked and request within a timely manner. Also, remember the people you work with on fiverr are not your friends, they are just looking to get work done, they really don’t care about how reviews affect us or even care how hard we work. They just want the work done. So remember to keep your emotions out of the work you do and remain professional yourself about your business. If you have a client that is unresponsive and not allowing you to work in the way you need to, then you don’t have to work them!! I REPEAT, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO WORK WITH THEM.

The buyer didn’t give you that bad review. It was a review from Fiverr, that appears automatically when you don’t deliver on time and the buyer cancels the order.

When you’re running out of time and the buyer doesn’t send you what you need, it’s better to cancel the order yourself.

If not, when the deadline finishes, a message is sent to the buyer with a link to cancel the order, and if he does so, the thumbs down review appears on your gig.


For me is better that buyer always do contact first. In fact, i think that, the buy button doesn’t has to be in the gig page. And each seller should decide if he wants to have it or prefer to use the customized offer as the order instrument. This system should avoid undesired orders from sellers and customers, and also avoid that the orders counter starts with no or not enough info supplied from customer.

yeah you are absolutely right i waited to long next time i ll do as you said thanks :slight_smile:

thank you for that information because i didn’t knew that :slight_smile:

hello, i agree with you because this buyer came from nowhere make a direct gig without talking first. This option ll me very useful for us sellers.