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How to avoid offending buyers

I do lego characters. Sometimes I get orders from people who are (for example) overweight. I feel scared to show it on my drawing because I am afraid that they might feel offended, so I usually ignore making those small details and I end up not being satisfied about what am delivering. I don’t feel comfortable asking this but I’d appreciate your thoughts and suggestions.

Why would this be an issue? Meaning if you are holding a real lego they are always going to be a standard size, so I would think that your gig, makes someone look like a lego character at regular Lego size. That is what they are buying.

I looked at your lego gig, there is nothing in there, no sample to suggest that you create a lego characheter based on weight, they all look like the exact same proportions like a standard lego character.

If this makes you not comfortable as an artist, I can offer two suggestions…that you change your main portfolio profile to have a variety of samples on one page, that are all different sized people. That way any buyer clearly knows that you are creating this based on their real weight. There are no Lego samples that yo have with overweight characters. Add some, so it is very clear to people that is what they might get.

The other thing is doing this for money as an artist, many times you have to make compromises a little bit to give the client what they want. It’s the difference of an artist who simply makes something on spec, vs. commissioned, two totally different sets of rules an artists needs to comply to. The spec there are no rules, they do what they want, create their art then put it up for sale and see if anyone will buy it. If it’s commissioned you have to make it to the buyers instructions.

But your gig doesn’t say you sell overweight LEgo character drawings, so as I mentioned, if this is a real problem, your entire portfolio should reflect different body types.

Reply to @sincere18: No it’s not about the lego size, it’s about the outlines on clothes and face. that’s it.

Reply to @tictac7: But my same notes apply…does your portfolio showcase that or not? if it does, and it’s clear then you do it. If not, then don’t do it.

Reply to @silberma1976: Thank you! Greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

I agree about asking them how much they want it to look like them in the features and clothes, but I’d think you’d be doing that for each buyer regardless of how you think they might feel about their own appearance.

Not everyone regards certain attributes as flaws they’re ashamed to see reflected back at them, so don’t decide who you should ask based on the assumption that they’ll feel badly about being shown as overweight, for example. Just ask everyone what they’re looking for.