How to avoid order limbo!


OK this is something more of a tip/warning:

When you deliver and order and the buyer hits the request revision button, the process is well-known:
you need to revise the project and re-deliver.

What happens when your buyer hits the modification button, BUT have yet to figure out what they need changed?

This is where I have a tip for you:

Do not, under any circumstances, allow for this to go on for more than a couple of weeks!

You see, I just found out the hard way that when an order is left like that with no new delivery coming from you, the system then locks the auto-completion mechanism.

Which means that even if you deliver after a while, the buyer will need to submit a review, otherwise you will never see the order closed out and the money clearing to your account.

In my case, the buyer hit the modification button, because he needed to provide me with some images to add to a custom app promo video. Weeks went by and he remained responsive to my polite nudges, he had a lot of work to do, couldn’t find the time to get those new images, that I needn’t worry.

Long story short a couple of months went by, the buyer never logged in again, and I essentially lost my compensation for all the work I put in that project.

It has now been a year since that went down, customer support were the ones who informed me that it is not a bug, but a fail-safe for the system.

This was not a cheap project either, so I lost quite a few hundred dollars, and Fiverr said buh-bye to their commission as well.

Just wanted to get the word out there so every seller knows what’s up.

TL:DR Version

If for some reason you have an order that’s stuck under a “request for a modification” status for too long, if you deliver the order will NEVER auto-complete and the buyer will need to accept the delivery so you can get compensated.

So be wary of non-responsive buyers. If you need more info in order to provide a revision, insist that you get it within a reasonable time frame.

That is all.

~Frankie OUT!


Yeah, that’s why I attend to modification requests immediately.


Just out of curiosity:

Say a buyer hits the mod button on your order, but tells you that they need some time to give you a list of edits.

And then that’s the last you hear of them.

What would you do then?


It’s very rare for me to get a revision request. I take 5-10 minutes to deliver again after the mod request. There was only one buyer who troubled me all these years with mod request, he basically wanted free articles, I put my feet down and said no. He is one of my 5 negative reviews :slight_smile:


I would not accept that. I would again deliver the same thing. I would politely explain that a revision needs to be done very promptly.

If they need time that’s fine and you will do them but the delivery has completed and needs to go through.

  1. Politely tell the buyer I’m looking forward to his feedback (that comes as soon as I see the modification request).

  2. The next day, ask when to expect feedback.

  3. Possibly repeat the previous step, if the buyer haven’t sent instructions.

  4. Deliver the same thing, and explain that I’ll be happy to revise when I get the instructions, but that I have to deliver something when I get a revision request, and he’s not telling me what he needs. By the way, this one usually brings them back to the site.

  5. If the order is still in modification mode and I haven’t received the instructions, plus the deadline is approaching, I request the cancellation. That solves it, one way or another. I should add, though, that I don’t work on big projects, so I’m not in danger of doing a lot of work and then losing a lot of money.


Same story here! :no_mouth:
I have seen modification request once who wanted to cheat me. and that’s a negative review :confused:


Thank you everyone for your replies!

I had this discussion with CS and they told me that hitting the delivery button again, without changing anything, it’s a ToS violation and the buyer has every right to report you.


Well you can’t change anything if you don’t have any instructions about what to change and the buyer is not going to give you anything. So you have to send a well written notice to the buyer that this is not ok and they need to accept the delivery.

I would let CS know about this situation also.


What will happen when a buyer hits modification without instruction,
and you are positive, you have nothing to change?


Well that’s the exact issue I had to deal with.

Buyer hit the mod button, did not provide any new materials and so I had to wait for several weeks for him to send me the images required.

Buyer never responded since.