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How to avoid paying VAT on Fiverr?

Hi there,

Fiverr charges me VAT as when I signed up I was in Israel.
I no longer live in Israel and I don’t need to pay that VAT as I’m not an Israeli citizen.

I wanted to check if there is an option to avoid it in legitimate ways.



If you are an Israeli and are supposed to pay VAT, I doubt that there’s any legal option to avoid paying.


Don’t try to fool the taxman, it’s not worth it and is illegal. Also, if you start messing around with location with a view to defraud I think fiver could ban you too.

A quick google returned this article, it may be helpful to you:


Are you seriously asking us tips for tax evasion? It’s illegal and it could result in a ban on Fiverr and a visit from your tax revenue service.

By the way, if you’re registered as Self-Employed, you can deduct the paid VAT in your quarterly or annual VAT declaration (at least in my country).


I’m assuming I wasn’t clear with my question so I edited it.
I don’t need to pay the VAT and that’s the reason I’m asking how to avoid it.

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Ask Customer Support for help, then.

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Ask CS. Out of interest has your location automatically updated to your new location and may I ask your new location? I’d presume the requisite tax would also update but maybe you’re just paying the VAT required in your new location.

Yes, I relocated to India.
As far as I know the VAT payment in India is not required but I’ll check that.


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