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How to Avoid receiving warnings for TOS violations over the course of 30 days

why i get 3 TOS violation and how can i avoid this
please suggested to me about this problem
Avance thank you


That’s astounding - and not in a good way.

All you have to do is read and understand Fiverr’s terms of service (TOS).

These are the same TOS that you will have agreed you read and understood when you signed up to Fiverr. Had you done so you would have avoided those warnings and the prospect of being suspended from the platform.

Here they are: .


Isn’t it too late if he got 3 warnings?


I believe so. However, I’m sure I’ve read forum posts previously from people who have survived 3 warnings - so I never like to say for sure.

but i dont do any violation which problem i get the 3 warning

They send you an email stating the reason behind every warning.

how many warning account are disable

i get today’s one but why

The email they sent you says why you received a warning.

Hi rashed24_7,

Your account was flagged for sending spam messages. Our communication tool is designed to allow our sellers and buyers to communicate and conduct their business in an easy and effective manner. We ask that you do not send spam messages to users, for example, unsolicited, unclear, promotional, and out of context messages.
If you would like to learn how to use Fiverr more effectively as a seller, please see the following links:

This is your first warning. If you repeat this violation or continue to violate Fiverr’s TOS, your account will be suspended.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out
The Fiverr team

Its in the first sentence, your sending too much messages.

Now what can i do
and thank you so much for mentioned exact problem

Don’t send any more messages that could be classed as spam (eg. don’t contact sellers on the main site unless you are interested in buying their gig). Follow the rules in the terms of service page.

If you think the warning was given incorrectly (you didn’t spam/contact sellers for anything other than your interest in buying their gig) you could contact CS about it to try to get the warning removed.

now show its 5 days then what means

If it shows “5 days” to the left of the “30 days” instead of the “4 days” to the left of it it will mean you’ve gone 5 days out of 30 without receiving a warning. When it reaches 30 it will mean that the warning box will be ticked/in green so it won’t prevent you from going up a level. Though unless you’ve been told otherwise, all your warnings are still there.

I would block your account immediately and wonder why Fiverr has not done it yet.

3 warnings for not reading and/or understanding ToS!

Not one, not two, but three. You did not learn anything from these lessons and ask silly question “How to avoid receiving warnings for ToS violations…”

Your Gig " I will do best youtube SEO for increasing your video ranking" violates ToS.


Fake engagement and traffic

Do not post, offer or ask for:

  • Followers, subscribers, fans or views on social media platforms.
  • Fake engagement on any platform.

Promise a service outcome which is not in your control

In certain instances, sellers may be tempted to promise outcomes of their service which is not in their control. For example, guaranteeing to restore your Amazon account or promising an exact amount of viewers for a Youtube video by its digital promotion. Please refrain from promising outcomes that are not in your control because it misleads buyers.

I wonder why Fiverr tolerate your account here, no idea.


Hoorah, well said. I find some people astounding.

Check this out: Don’t do it! … You Have Been Warned!