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How to Avoid Stupid or Scamming Buyers


I just had a poor experience with a client. He asked for something and I delivered with high quality and hours of work, and in the end, he decided to switch for something else, so he asked more. From the beginning, he had very few communication skills, meaning poor English and few explanation capabilities. However, I got what he was talking about by asking precise questions.

After the delivery, I also modified what he asked for, but in the end, he said: poor quality, low quality, when at the first delivery he said great quality, I just need more data about…

I mean, the cancellation that probably will take place will ruin my business here, for this type of stupid buyers. Do you think there is a way to avoid this kind of person?

Raising the prices might help :wink:

Thanks for replying, the price is kind of high for this service $80… so I really don’t know. He also had few knowledge of statistics, didn’t know how to read a graph.

As a video editor, i get loads of this kind of people. First I ask for sample how they want it to look like, and then ask to see material, i have few min look at it, and already after long way on fiverr i understand who is who :slight_smile: I do more then they pay, thats my sucess here :slight_smile:

Sure, I agree with you, but what if they buy directly without asking?

I try to make other solutions.
Thats why my gig clearly says contact before ordering.
and its not my fault they didnt read info.

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