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How to avoid the "just get the work done"?

In the last 4 years, i’m so full of work that i can’t breath.
I’m struggling, looking for a valid freelancer, and by valid i mean someone who CARES about the product he deliver, at least he cares like me.
When i delegate something, i always get something bad, i always feel the “just get the work done” effect.
Last event: here on fiver, asked for a revisitation of a banknote, for a cryptocurrency. What i’ve got, after 3 revisions, has been a kid-drawn that i’ve accepted and paid but immediately trashed.

Now i’m using a different approach: since i don’t like to waste money, and i need 7 banknotes, i’ve asked on custom request for a free sample of one of them, and if i like it, i’ll order all the full set.
Once again… what i’m receiving is so bad and so far from the request, that i’m happy to not pay them.
How can i be satisfied from a seller?
It’s my fault? or too often the seller is not a real designer and is just a wannabe that makes me lose my time?

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I’m sorry to hear that.
Maybe what you are offering isn’t ‘clear’ to the seller?.. I’m expressing opinions here.

What you could do is look into what your competition made and you liked. You can send those examples to your seller so he can grasp the overall concept of what you ask for.
Naturally, if you ask for free samples… You will receive what is worth ‘free’ (unless someone really wants the job and gives you what you want).

I wish you good luck in your research and God bless!

This sounds like you are trying to achieve something for a very low budget.
For what you want, you need to put together a serious budget, not $5 (per note).
If you insist on samples first you will only get rubbish as no serious designer will bother - if you don’t value an artist’s time then they will not value your project.

Put a $50 per note budget and see what happens. Do some homework on the seller before ordering. Have they done banknotes before or is their portfolio full of logo templates? If you want something new and unique, it takes time for someone who is skilled and that costs money.

If you really do not have the budget for this then perhaps you need to reconsider the whole project or put the banknotes off for another time.


It takes some time to weed out the bad designers and find a great one but they are here.

Find a Top Rated Seller with over one thousand 5 star reviews and read some of the reviews. Make sure they have very few bad reviews. If they have a lot in their queue that is a good sign too.

Watch out for poorly written gig descriptions and reviews. You are going to find the best designers not on Buyer’s Request, but by a thorough search through the sellers ranks.

I agree that for $5 you can’t expect high quality although there ARE a few amazing designers on fiverr who do very high quality work for that. But they won’t be found in Buyer’s Request.