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How to avoid the nice smiley :) from turning into the creepy/baby smiley on the Fiverr app/order page?

If you enter a smile emoticon : ) into a Fiverr order (not the inbox though), Fiverr will automatically turn it into a smiley emoji that looks perfectly fine on desktop:

But that turns into this creepy/babyish face when translated over into mobile:

Any ideas how to prevent Fiverr from auto-changing colon + right parethesis into their smiley emoji on the order page? Or ways to avoid/substitute the creepy/babyish mobile smiley while still conveying cordiality?

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I don’t use smileys more than once a month. I suggest you don’t use them also as it’s not businesslike.

It depends from the version of the operating system of the device and from the OEM personalizations applied by the manufacturer to the icon set. It’s a problem caused by the OS running on the device actually.

I agree, that icon is weird. Probably a case of (acquired) cultural bias that the designer didn’t have. In the western/internet culture that stare recalls both pedobear and the acid smiley.


I don’t risk using emoji when writing from mobile. :sunglasses:

Haha, that’s the perfect way to describe it.

Looks like it’s Samsung’s design for that smiley. Apple and the rest of them look fine, but ey, if you use this with Samsung phone users they will think you’re a pedophile/on acid. Oh well.

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