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How to avoid too much messages sent from a person by bot

Hello any idea how to get rid of spam messages.
A person is botting my Fiverr accounts to send too much messages I asked Fiverr support about this but they said they are looking into it it’s been 3-4days and I haven’t got any response from them about the status of the ticket and how to solve this things the has been texting me regularly like 100 times a day with different fake accounts :frowning: anyone knows how to stop this?

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You’re only allowed to have one account. Having more than one account can lead to permanent ban of all the associated accounts.

Having one only the guy has multiple he is botting on my account

You said someone is botting your accounts, not account.

Anyway, mark as spam, report and block whenever they do that.

That might be autocorrected by my phone I only have a single account .
I have marked serveral messages as spam but the guy is texting me every five minutes with new accounts .
This is too much irritating and I can’t keep reporting them spam as I have other works to do too.