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How to avoid unwanted orders?

Hi there :wave:

I recently come across a buyer on May 12, 2021, although I sent offer to his buyer request. In his request he said he wanted to develop a mobile application (both backend & frontend development), but in his request he select 1 day delivery with the budget of $5, but I was little confused that why will he select 1 day delivery with the budget of $5 to develop a complete mobile application from scratch for both iOS & Android, but I thought maybe he is not sure about the delivery date & cost that his mobile application will requires. So I sent offer to his request with the same delivery date (which is 1 day delivery) with $5 price.

After some time he contacted me, here is our entire chat :point_down:

The next thing I see after this chat what that the buyer as order, I was like wow :astonished: working on Fiverr is really amazing, until I noticed that he place an order of $5 with 1 day delivery, I was like how is this possible, the gig he ordered start from $15 how come $5, and his project is even cost more as per the PDF file he attached to the request, his project is really wide but he isn’t ready to increase his budget & even timeframe, I was like God what’s going on? I’m totally confused :confused:

After our discussion he is not even ready to increase his budget & timeframe, he keep telling me that “It’s not in my budget”, so before the order affect my account, I open a cancellation dispute, and he accepted the cancellation dispute.

Now my question is: how can I prevent this type of issue not to happen again.

Please I need some tips :wave:

Thank you :slight_smile:

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It’s possible because

Basically, by sending that offer, you have promised that buyer that you will do it for $5 in 1 day, and the buyer accepted your offer.

By not sending such offers.


As catwriter said don’t put offers at $5 at a buyer request, quote accordingly to the project scope. If the buyer is unclear or couldn’t go in too much details in their request. Be clear in the offer that this would need a custom quote after you’ve gotten all the details, etc.