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How to away from buyers who don't know what they are doing?


Hi respected Fiverr forum members
Buyer placing wrong orders and after cancelation Fiverr punish the seller
Is there any way to solve this kind issue and how to away this kind of buyers or stop them from the placing wrong order
sorry i am new here.


Make your gig description VERY detailed.


Raising your prices may work. I’ve found that I get a lot less shady/illegitimate orders after raising my prices, although this might only work after a certain amount of reviews.


I am new my gig price is very low. how many reviews do i need to increase gig price?


I’m so sorry to hear that.

Unfortunately, nothing can be reversed.

Strive to accept projects that both parties understand before making a purchase.


It’s your choice, really. There’s no absolute number.

Personally I waited until 50, but that’s up for debate.