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How to balance work? I already completed 2 orders with 5* and I have running 4 orders

Hello, I am one month old. Now I have 4 orders running. My question to experts who handle multiple works together how to handle multiple works? Thank you.


I think you have to be older than that to work on Fiverr

Make sure your gig’s delivery times and any offers you send take into account that you could have mutliple orders in the queue, so make them high enough for it. You could also limit the numbers of orders in the queue for each gig in the “gigs” page (though you can’t limit all of them combined). You could also go out of office/pause gigs if you get too many at once. Other than that you could deliver the the first one first or you could do some of each (work two or more or less simultaneously) or whatever way you can to make sure you deliver them all on time.