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How to be a dropshipping ninja in 30days

Dropshipping is one super business model that requires small capital and give huge ROI over time.
I have been involved in setting up profit pulling stores for clients and they went from $0 to over $5000 in their first month.

So what do you do to be a dropshipping ninja?

*Getting/Knowing a winning product that will burst your success.
*Know the right Ads set to implement.
*Having a good product video for ads.

  • Having a nicely developed store.
  • Automating the drop ship process
    *Having a very trusted supplier so you don’t get fried Lol :smile:
  • And a very reliable and stable system to ease the stress of the business.

These are the tips to become a dropshipping ninja in 30 days.

All the above can be a very tedious process for a non-technical person has it require lots of research and expert support.

How Would You Like Complete Hands-Free Automation By Letting Our Team Give You The Keys To A Complete, Done-For-You, 6 Figure Shopify Store ? Start Making Money With Ecom From Day 1 !

What you will get with this gig.

  • We will build a professional-looking Ecom site for you, with a proven, high-converting Ecom theme.

  • We will install and configure high performing Ecom apps you need.

  • We load it with 100+ high in demand products

  • We help calculate your pricing and markups so you maximize your profit and still be competitive.

  • We add an affordable drop shipping automation system that you will be using to run your ecom business passively.

  • We do an advert video for each product.

  • We research 2 set of proven to convert Facebook Ad audience creative for each product

  • We link you up with the RIGHT supplier for each of the products so you don’t get your fingers burnt

  • We hand over to you a set of 100+ high converting ecom money email templates to BOOST your sales.

  • And Many More

Feel free to contact me for any question has am super happy about your success.

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Cheers to your ecom success

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I always have this question? Why, would you share this business platform and not keep it all to yourself?
What is in it for you? Sincerely Gary

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Ok very nice question.

You see I believe in the saying “We rise in helping other rise”
If the business platform was kept has a secret, I probably won’t have know about it.

Also of what gain will I get if I keep it has a secret when am not the originator of the platform?

If it was to be a secret, the platform won’t so SEO, run Ads etc so why should I be the one hiding it?

I hope you understand my point of view above has the answer to this question varies based on individual perception.


Thank you. Will look into it! That is a lot of coin? Question, give me the training and I will pay you a percentage of my earnings, FOREVER! Sincerely Gary

Hello Gary, this is not a training but a completely Don For You dropshipping Business that start giving you income even right from Day 1. If it too expensive, we can always bargain so has to suit your need.

Is dropshipping working for anyone? I have personally talked to man people, friends, some of them are web developer marketing ninjas, and even they say they learned a lot, but it never took off.

Hello Fogi, you see to be successful in dropshipping, you need to be selling trending and unique products. Selling the regular products that can be gotten in a store down anyone’s street is a waste of time and resources. You need to do in depth market research.

Also know the right Ads set to implement can be a nightmare if you don’t know how to do it.

Also you need your store to be very attractive so your customers don’t get scared from your store.
If you are able to conquer the above, managing/fulfilling your orders can be very time consuming too that’s why I advise you automate the process. Imagine having 1k orders a day? :smiley:

In conclusion, to be a very successful dropshipper you need to engage expert hands that will help you lay a solid foundation from the beginning.

I can help you. Cheers

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Hi Amazinceo
I will be in touch, thank you for answering my questions. Sincerely Gary

Hello Gary, it’s been a pleasure answering all your questions. I will be waiting for your buzz then.

This looks good.
I’ve seen lots of success stories online.

Yes @freshy01, am one of them growing my store from $0-$2500 in about 20days.
I can set you up if you wish.