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How to be a "Fiverr Power Buyer" by Professor Puppet

Here’s a video tutorial professorpuppet put together for Fiverr buyers.

I send this video out EVERY DAY. I love it. The Professor is a genius and this is the video link url “” use it wisely :slight_smile:


(and I’m saying this as a Fiverr sell for almost 2 years)

Aw shucks, people.

Hans for President! :slight_smile:

This is a wonderful video!

May Fiverr put it “automagically” to start running when or as an option when a buyer press an order?

Love this, going to use it in the future.

Love this guy and his puppet, great post!

This is my favorite buyer tips video of all time- I’m pretty sure he hit every possible point and Hahns Von Puppet is so fun to watch.

Great video.