How to be a good seller in fiverr


hello everyone.Actually i am new in fiver. I just want to know how to become a good seller in fiver.i think i will get a huge suggestion from my experienced seller of fiver.
Thank you everyone.


Use Daily fiverr buyer requests and follow TOC .


Welcome. Hundreds of tips here:

Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:


thank you @batool_graphics for the tipsโ€ฆ:hugs:


my post withdrown? what are you saying.


Dear @codemanahsan
You want to be a good seller in fiverr!!
Just promote your gigs on social media networks
So that your gig will be displayed in firs page
So i think this suggestion is useful b for you


You will delivery Quality work to your buyer so that your buyer come back to you again.


thanks @adnanalif for the tips.


You are most welcome @codemanahsan


Do your best and try hard.
i hope your journey will be fine
Good luck.