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How to be a GREAT buyer for Everyone


Howdy there Buyer :slight_smile:

When you arrive at Fiverr the chances are that whatever you’re working on is pretty important or you wouldn’t be taking action. As a seller with over 1100 5 Star reviews, I’d like to share my experience with you to make the buying process the best that it can be. An experience that will be a win-win for you and the seller and benefit you long term.

1. Read the entire gig description and FAQ before you order.
It’s critical that you read the entire description to be sure you understand the terms. When you order, you are agreeing to those terms. If a seller has stated something like “Zero Revision” then you need to know that and expect that requesting a revision will come with some stress. The descriptions are built on purpose and everyone on Fiverr is free to create their own service levels.
Many times, you may find things in the description that are valuable to you as well.

2. Ask yourself, “Do I really need to contact this buyer?”
There are some buyers that want contact before every purchase. Some want it for specific types of orders only. Some, like me, would love it if I was rarely contacted other than through the order page. Many of us spend the time to refine our gigs (see point 1) to a point where you shouldn’t need to contact us at all if you read the entire gig and just let the order system walk you through it.
There are definitely times when you need to contact a seller and we’re happy to communicate then. But many times, the answer is right there in front of a buyer. So, what’s the benefit to you as a buyer? First; it just makes the entire process faster. Second; Here is a dirty little secret among service providers around the world. We take extra care of those that pay well OR those that play well. If you are someone that makes it easy to do business, then you are far more likely to get extra care from sellers when it comes to things like revisions, pricing, delivery times, etc.

3. Would it really kill you to leave a review?
One of the great things about Fiverr is how streamlined the entire process is. That includes the conclusion. Please understand that a huge part of a seller’s success is the quality, quantity, and velocity of reviews. The more 5-star reviews, the higher we rank in search. It’s that simple. Want to really please a seller? Leave a 5-star review every order. It’s ok to keep it simple: 5 Stars and “great!” will always work. We sellers will always give preference to buyers that appreciate our services and share that appreciation. Show us love and we will love you right back. That’s part of building a relationship.

4. You shouldn’t be leaving less than 5-star reviews. Like, ever.
Before you jump to conclusions, please hear me out on this.
In Fiverr world, anything less than 5 stars is a failed order. Period.
I fully believe that a poor service provider should not be rewarded. I can see the logic that leaving a low review can help “warn” future buyers to avoid a seller. But you know what else protects future buyers? Not finding poor sellers to begin with! So, the correct answer is, you should always end up pleased with your order and if you aren’t pleased, cancel and get a refund.
Once a seller gets many cancellations, they fall in the rankings and future buyers are protected. If you aren’t “5-Star” happy with a service then by all means, let the seller know. The best sellers will work with you until you are happy. This will NOT be a popular “tip” to many sellers. But to those of us that are truly interested in building relationships, it is of the utmost importance that you feel great about your order and are excited to leave a 5-star review and spread the word.

5. Your budget will largely determine the quality of your project
I get it, Fiverr started as the ultra-low budget underdog of the freelance world. But things have changed. It’s still a low budget option but the quality in many categories has elevated far beyond the $5 order range. You know what’s better than a $5 voiceover? A $50 voiceover that is incredible quality with a marketable read. “But Matt, that is 10 times as much!” Yup. It’s also still 10 times less than you’d pay off of Fiverr and much more effective for your business. People that are earning more are also taking more time to refine your project. They do not feel rushed to “push” work across their desk. They are actually happy to work on your project and end up feeling a sense of fulfillment from its completion. You will benefit from that. If you want what’s best for your business then do not search on budget alone. Search for the balance that meets or exceeds the quality standards of your competition or market with a reasonable budget.

What are your thoughts on these tips?
Have any questions?

Leave a comment below and I’ll check back in to help :blush:


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Hi, I just read the bold point outs, nice thinking , but situations changes from country to country, seller to seller.


buyer and seller must be see that post.


For the most parts I agree with you, just not this one. This is not something that buyers are encouraged to do (and in fact some did try to do to get a free bite).


Blockquote but situations changes from country to country, seller to seller.
Right? > Blockquote

No,People make excuses about how they are “different” but it’s all essentially the same transaction process and should be approached the same way. Fiverr didnt design it to be “different” country to country.


“For the most parts I agree with you, just not this one. This is not something that buyers are encouraged to do (and in fact some did try to do to get a free bite).”

My point is exactly the opposite of what you are saying and I stand behind it. Even in my gig description, I make it clear that if you aren’t satisfied you get a no-hassle refund. I stand by my services and I also (this is the important one) PRICE according to the cost of doing business on Fiverr. That means that I accept that I’ll occasionally lose a buyer. But I don’t lose a second of stress about it because I’m priced to make up for that loss and still profit.

Any top tier seller should encourage their buyers to cancel if not satisfied. Then work hard to be sure they are satisfied. In the same way that manufacturers and brands let you return items that you arent satisfied with. Cancels and returns are the very core of progressive service.


Yes this tips really helpful for seller as well as buyer it will be good if all buyer follows this and understand what we want anywase thank you for sharing it with us good luck have fun…:slight_smile::blush:


I beg to differ. Many sellers choose to value their time and their work rather than a perfect rating.
Encouraging the buyers to cancel if not satisfied is just like encouraging more fraudulent attempts from non-genuine buyers.

It’s ok if you are providing physical products. At least the items can be refurbished.
For many services, the progress is not always reversible.
I imagine restaurant owners will not be happy if the customers have a taste and ask for refund just because “I don’t like it”.


Uhmmm… No…

  1. That would mean you are manipulating with ratings.
  2. Why I would want to cancel order that I spent few hours on it?
  3. From TOS: Orders are not eligible to be cancelled based on the quality of service/materials delivered by the seller if the service was rendered as described in the Gig page.


Nice read, I see you invested some effort to have a nice article. While I agree with some points, for example who can argue with:

I would be very surprised too if in fact leaving a review would kill anyone. It must have been a very bad fiverr experience if it did.

And of course a classic:

Yes, that would be helpful.

With all due respect, I see you are doing quite well on fiverr but as previous comments suggest, it is a little difficult to agree with all of your mentioned points. I don’t necessarily read this as a general guide for buyers but I would agree with your article to 100% if you would call it “How to be a GREAT buyer for Mattvopro”

All the best!


As much as I understand your thoughts here, I disagree. Buyers have a right to choose to review a seller. As a seller, if the issue is small, I’d rather see no review than a 4 star. As a buyer, if I get poor enough service that I think the seller is being deceptive, I would leave a negative review. Buyers should be warned and other honest sellers deserve to get that slot in search as soon as possible. (Opinion, no offense intended.)


I really think buyers shouldn’t be leaving less than a 5-star review except in cases where they were not satisfied with the work and the seller is either unresponsive or grossly incompetent to their demands. Well written article.


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Why else would they leave a negative reviews?


I may leave a ‘less than 5 star’ review. Fiverr gives the buyers an opporunity to give reviews based on the seller’s service, communication skills and the other one I cannot remember. The buyer I bought my gig banner from gave me very good service but he did not have good communication skills. I gave him all the details and said ‘I am ordering now’ and ordered his gig. He replied after a day with an emoticon, the thumbsup one. This is unprofessional and he is a level 2 seller. So I gave him two 5 star reviews and one 4 star. I would have given a 4.5 if there was an opportunity(on the communication skills review) but not 5.


Everyone will get a bad review sooner or later, that’s the risk we take when we sell on Fiverr (or anywhere else).

A bad review is a teachable moment:

“Am I charging too much?”
“Do my buyers know what I’m selling?”
“Did I do a good job or was I rushing?”
“Was it the wrong order, product, service?”

A bad review once in a while doesn’t mean the seller’s bad.

  1. Don’t bid the price given by the seller. :eyes:
  2. If you only have a little money, work and pay the seller as requested. :eyes:
  3. Sellers are not slaves, sellers are entrepreneurs. The buyer must pay according to the fees provided. :eyes:


:raised_hands: True but with reasonable reasons.

p.s: If i want, I can give you 2 or 3 stars even though you have expended all your abilities. The reason is just a fad or just for fun. :crazy_face: (maybe it’s time to “erase” stars that can make trouble).


Hi mattvopro, This writing piece is awesome indeed :grinning:


They old Fiverr had a thumbs up/thumbs down system, I liked it, but the new system is more accurate. Not every order is worth 5 stars.

Recently I got a 4.3 review.

Communication With Seller 5 stars
Service as Described 5 stars
Buy Again or Recommend 3 stars

What hurt me the most was what the buyer wrote: “Just ok slogans”

That’s his opinion, and he’s entitled to it, but he was a real fink who demanded a revision, and I gave him 4 times the amount of work compared to others.

When I buy, I might tell the buyer that if I like his revision, I will give him a tip. I never promise $200. Why create that expectation? Besides, I don’t have money to throw away like my big shot client.