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How to be a Perfect Buyer: Seller's Intructions


Hey buyers out there! I’m a seller on Fiverr. I have dealt with hundreds of clients via Fiverr on graphic design related orders. It’s quite often that a client will not give me enough information for me to complete their graphics when they write their initial message for the order. Here is how to make sure your seller has everything they need for your order.

• Know what your ordering. Believe it or not, I will get buyers that order my gig that don’t actually know what they’re ordering. If you aren’t sure what the seller is selling, message the him or her before you order. Most of the time the seller will be more than happy to clarify.

• Read the seller’s instructions carefully. Make sure you understand what the buyer is asking for. When typing your response make sure you address everything the sellers asks for. Attach any files that the seller asks for. This is very important because the faster the seller gets these things the faster he or she can deliver. (Especially if your paying extra for a rushed delivery.)

I will be writing more “How to be a Perfect Buyer” posts so look out for them.

Please share your thoughts in the comments.


Good advice…I have completed nearly 4,000 gigs in the last year and the biggest thing I notice is buyers not reading how much time it is going to take to complete the job



Reply to @badgehelp: Wow that’s a lot of orders! Keep it up, Jim.


Sometimes it’s frustrating, especially when it’s an Express Gig. I’ve encountered situations where buyers didn’t provide the correct details until it’s almost due delivery time, quite a few times. Even after messages after messages sent. And there are times, the buyers ordered but never provide details at all!. I believe these a from first time/newly joined buyers. They don’t quite familiar on how Fiverr system/flow works.


Reply to @samanderson: Yeah, I was looking at my total sales and it was at 3900 or so completed and I was like…holy???

Didn’t seem like that much


I think incomplete instructions is one of the biggest frustration for sellers. Often times buyers are not aware of the importance of delivering by the deadline.

It would be really nice if the seller had an option to “REJECT” the instructions if they are incomplete. I have had to put a rush on several orders because of getting the information only hours before the order is due for delivery and I’ve had to cancel more orders for this reason than I care to count.


Yeah Good advice…And also…Buyers can support the sellers to gain more business…they can tweet,share and collect gigs that did their job satisfactorily… :slight_smile:

And also put some good feed back…that will strengthen the bond between good buyers and sellers…

that is also can be put under “How to be a Perfect Buyer”


obviously 8->


This is agood advise to the buyers out ther, know that the seller is knowledgable and enjoys waht they are doing before you purchase, if in doubt send them a message


I would disappear with point #1. I certainly believe you should contact a seller prior to ordering a gig if you have questions, but I don’t think you should message them just to message them. You should have a specific question that isn’t already explained in the gig description. If a seller is getting tons of messages that could be answered by just reading the gig description then it can impact their ability to actually DO the work. It is important to be respectful of each others time, so sellers need to try and be clear and concise in their descriptions and buyers should take the time to read that information prior to messaging.

On point #3, yes it is true that some individuals don’t have great intentions but if a seller does not complete the gig according to the description then you have the option to reject the work or you can contact support if that does not resolve the issue. I don’t think people should feel frightened to order a gig, there are a lot of things in place to prevent anyone from getting scammed.


And also…Buyers must not expect someone else s work ability from another person…

Sellers are doing a business…Buyers are the ones who buy it…marketing their business is what they do…So If someone says he can do 5 items for 5$ and some other say I do 3 for 5$…that cannot be judged…check on their work first…check feedback and samples…quality of the work…not how may items for 5$ :slight_smile:


Yes! ALWAYS check to make sure that the seller can fulfill your request, and not just because of scams.

It can be DEADLY to sellers to have to mutually cancel gigs because the buyer bought first and asked questions later. I just lost my Level 2 status, all of my extras, etc., because buyers purchased gigs and either didn’t provide the info I required or wanted something that wasn’t listed in the gig.

I now have unhappy regular buyers wondering why they have to buy my gig over and over again to get extra minutes, pay rush charges, etc.

Fiverr punishes its sellers SEVERELY for not just sucking it up and doing whatever is asked, and the only way to combat it is to tell ALL new buyers to send the seller a message first!


Reply to @thefacebookgeek: I have done this a few times. Usually I am at work, and a have a few minutes to look on the site. I realise that I do not have the materials with me, or can not find them at the moment. Usually I get back to the seller within 12 hours with details. If the seller has a time deadline, I do not start the clock until s/he tells me that they have the order. Some of us have different world clocks. A seller in India may not get the request of someone in the USA within a few hours, lol.


Reply to @mighty_dil: How true. I have actually had new sellers realise that they just CAN NOT deliver what they thought that they could with the quality they want to provide. (Reps on the line)


Reply to @badgehelp: I always alot time needed by sellers, and never leave neg feedback for time.In fact, so far I have never left neg feedback.


Reply to @tn5rr2012: I have found a few, but most so far over rate their expertise and balk if a gig takes longer than they estimate. I am just learning this.


I’d like to strongly emphasize point 3. Some buyers just don’t read your gig info. They just book the order even when it says for them to contact you first.



you are right !>…

but something not …


For me, buyers ALWAYS fail to see that my gig is 30 seconds per gig. It’s frustrating having to continuously message them to purchase another gig for their 3 page script!

samanderson said: Hey buyers out there! I'm a seller on Fiverr. I have de

This is an amazing advice. Too bad buyers will never read this. LOL