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How to be a Successful Freelancer

There are many ways to succeed as a freelancer on the Fiverr platform. While we are all focused on finding tips to bring up our gig or to find more buyers, we overlook a most important aspect that brings us success on this platform.


To become a successful freelancer we should bring Value to the Buyer. It doesn’t matter how many buyers you are getting monthly if they are not satisfied with your work. Therefore, all freelancers should strive to bring value to the Buyer.

3 simple tips on creating value for the buyer:

  1. Always do the requested work with pleasure. If you don’t enjoy the work you are doing, then chances are, the end product won’t be as exciting as promised.

  2. Revise until the Buyer is satisfied with the delivery. This could be annoying most times, but a happy customer is better than a crappy product.

  3. Offer your ideas to the Buyer. Usually Buyers request wild requests that don’t look good. In that case (you are the expert) you have to offer your ideas to the Buyers and make them see from the Seller’s perspective to create a worthy service.

Success on Fiverr is not all monetary. Greater success is knowing that your service helped someone perform better in his/her business. Creating a happy customer is your responsibility. As a Seller the most satisfying feeling is knowing that your expertise and hard work is being put to good use.

Hope Sellers find my message on a positive note.


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Great tips, hopefully I’ll get my first sale soon! I do professional video editing work and I’m just trying to get my first client. Thanks

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True! I managed to get 3 orders from the same buyer in 2 months.He kept returning back because he was satisfied with my communication level and service. It is important to understand buyers perspective when you are selling something.
Wish you good luck ! :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you for your tip, I hope that will help me in future.


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Thanks for your information. You are saying the right things and the right point.

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