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How to be a Successful seller as a Musician & a Music Producer in Fiverr platform?

Hello Guys !
I am Darnel Chowdhury Neel. I am a Professional Musician In Bangladesh. So Today I am going to share you some tips about -
How to be a successful seller as a Musician & a Music Producer on Fiverr platform ? So, let’s start !!
You can be a Successful seller as a Musician & a Music producer in Fiverr platform. I am New in Fiverr. I started making my Gigs about Music & recording Musical instrument tracks. I am new but I am getting Orders from Customers ! I feel happy when I get Orders. So you are reading this because you are a Musician or Music Producer. Fiverr is free for you. you can use your talent in here & you can Earn money using your awesome talents. God gave you awesome talents. You need to use it. Fiverr is giving you awesome Chance to make your talents into a Successful life !! You can earn money and make your life shine in Fiverr platform using your talents. so, how you can be a successful seller ?
You can create awesome GIGS about music or Music production works. Peoples really need your help to do their works fantastically. Peoples are visiting Fiverr’s website to find excellent, Creative,authentic & Professional works. If you make your GIGS awesome and shiny , then customers will click on your GIGS and if they like your gigs , then they will order you. You can make more money using talents !
More tips :

  1. Make your GIG Gallery More shiny !
  2. Give High Quality Audio File
  3. Give authentic Information on your Description .
  4. Collaborate with brands and other musicians
  5. Sell beats and samples.
  6. Teach music classes or sell lessons.
    Like this you can be a Successful seller as a Musician & a Music producer !
    God bless you and God bless your Works !
    Thank you !
    Darnel Chowdhury Neel

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