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How to be a Top Rated Seller on Fiverr

Hello Fiverr Family,

I just thought I would stop by and write a quick topic.

I have seen many people post on the forum asking “How to become a top rated seller on Fiverr?”

All the way from:

  • How do I become a top rated seller?
  • Help me to get top rated seller on fiverr.
  • How to get the title of top rated seller?
    and on and on…

I think the desire of wanting to become a top rated seller on fiverr is awesome.

Here are a few tips that I think will help us to operate like a Top Rated Seller whether we have the title or not.

I like to look at it like this:
In order to become a top rated seller on Fiverr, the challenge is to provide top notch service at the level you are at now. In other words operate and treat your customers like the level you want to be, so when the promotion to the next level comes, we will be ready for it. (Notice I said we, I am not a Top Rated Seller yet, but I try to treat my customers like I am one)

Did you know that 85% of people who win the lotto go bankrupt? Why is that, well if we can’t handle the $100 dollars we have now we will not be able to handle a million dollars.

So the point I would like to make is this. Be faithful and produce top quality product at the level you are currently at whether it be Level 1 Level 2 or you are barely starting out and when the promotion comes we will be ready for it.

The key from going from one level to the next in anything we do is: being faithful with the responsibilities we have now. The experience we learn at the level we are currently at while benefit us to get to the next level.

I believe the preparation of being faithful in the little is what connects you and I from the little to the much in our lives.

Here are a few things you and I should do at the level we are at:

  • Provide excellent customer service
  • Deliver your gigs on time
  • Respond to questions as soon as possible
  • Deliver a quality product to your customers
  • Under promise and over deliver

Well I hope this little post (blog) lol helps someone out to get to that next level, whether it be from beginner to level 1, from level 1 to level 2, from level 2 to top rated seller or just in life in general ,

Let me know if you have any questions - Pastor Dre

Here is an Illustration I came across to further my point of being faithful where you are at and the bigger opportunities will come:

One very stormy night an elderly couple entered the lobby of a small hotel. They asked for a room. But there was none for them. But the clerk took pity on them. He said, “I can’t send a fine couple like you out in the rain. Would you be willing to sleep in my room?” The couple hesitated but the clerk insisted.

The next morning, the man said to the clerk, “You’re the kind of man who should be managing the best hotel in the United States. Someday I’ll build you one.” The clerk just smiled politely.

A few years later the clerk got a letter from the elderly man. A round-trip ticket was enclosed. He asked the clerk to come to New York. When the clerk arrived, the elderly man brought him to a magnificent new building.
Then he said to the clerk, “That is the hotel I have built for you to manage.” The elderly man was William Waldorf Astor, and the hotel was the original Waldorf-Astoria one of the nicest hotels you will find. The young clerk was George C. Boldt, the first manager of the hotel

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That is a very nice story. I think sellers should give the best service and run the best business possible and let the rest take care of itself.


Pastor Dre, that is by far the best post I have read in the 14-15 months I have been on this forum. Thank you so much for that :slight_smile:


Thank you @writer99025 appreciate the shout out and the kind words. Much Love - Pastor Dre


Nice story and Awesome Post/Blog. Thankss


Well Said Pastor! :thumbsup:


I love reading inspirational stories like these. It makes my days cheerful.


@pastordre thank you so much for this inspirational write up and story, you made my day!!!


Hello @pastordre ,

Thank you so much for your explanations we appreciate that ! :heart_eyes:

Thank you


Great Story, Thanks @pastordre


@pastordre i have a question can i inbox you ??


@graphicsbros sure please do looking forward to hearing from you


Thank you these are the kind of responses that make my day. :+1:t5:


Nice post. I really like this.


I neeeeeed TRS in my life


Wow! This is so great. I love this. Nice one, keep it up.


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Good luck,


Thanks, good inspirational advice! I am hoping to get to TRS someday… Have been running my account exactly as you describe… Work always on time, all 5 star reviews, I respond nearly instantly to all messages (unless I’m asleep)… Hopefully someday! Mainly interested in the benefits of even more business and being able to help more people. Fiverr has send me a good deal of business as it is!