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How to be a Top Rated Seller?



I am a level 2 seller and want to be a top rated seller. So, What to do?

I know top rated sellers are manually chosen by Fiverr editors. But what is the parameters. Here are some parameters in my mind.

  1. Highly rated by buyers
  2. Unique Gigs
  3. High Volume of sales
  4. Community participation
  5. Exceptional customer care
  6. Account age
  7. Communications

    Am I right? Is there any missing? What do you think? Please share.

    Thank You



another is you have to sell more then 100 gig!! and then fiverr moderator will chose someone based on his/her rating. and then he/she will get TOP rated Seller :smiley: as i know.


I would say it is probably more than 1000 gigs to become top rated not 100