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How to be available 24/7 for customers

Fiverr for sellers is a 24 hour business and missing out on a customer means lost sales. Customers usually will go with someone who first responded back. TIPS: 1.) Download the Fiverr app as this will definitely help you to respond to customers. 2.) Make sure you set a special ring tone just for your Fiverr inbound notices so you know its a possible customer. 3.) This is a hard one but its worth the sacrifice, SLEEP with your phone. If you are striving to become a top seller sacrifices have to be made. Tell me what do you think about this? Or how can I improve this? Look forward to hearing from you.

  1. Nah, I get an email on my phone when a customer sends me message and I can reply on the spot.
  2. Not necessary at all, because of 1.
  3. I use the alarm clock of my phone, so it’s near my bed anyway. I don’t think many people have there phone far away from their bed these days.

Hahaha, Point 2 was the best :). I did change the ringtone long back.

Sacrificing sleep is a big big mistake that usually end up in disaster. If your working full time on fiverr then just keep time logs on messages until you figure out what time is the least active and adjust your sleeping hours accordingly.

I have sacrificed sleep in the past and eventually my productivity went down and i started to forget details, such as move your left hand before you pull the nail gun trigger, to keep things short ill just say It ended badly.
Your brain just needs enough sleep in order to function at 100%


You can not work full-on site.

You must have many sources of income for the wealthy.

It’s your choice, but the response has been very good 1x24 hours in fiverr.

Because fiverr is a business portfolio, customers assess your positive reviews and a portfolio of your gigs

You MUST get rest. There are times where you will work longer hours, but I would not recommend sacrificing an abundant amount of sleep for freelance work. Being a top rated seller starts with great services, not foregoing a basic human need.

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Really don’t sleep with your phone. This is hugely bad for your health. - As incidentally, anything beaming wifi and 3G signals back and forth around your brain all night. Also, people with poor sleep patterns, in general, are much more likely to suffer pretty much every crappy health complaint under the sun.

Provide high-quality work to the buyers you have, build great reviews, be professional in all your communications and you will be fine.

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If you sleep 8 hours a day and live to be 75 that means you wasted 25 years of your life sleeping :smiley:

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Apply the 80/20 Rule to when you sleep. Know your target customers (80%) and when they sleep (20% activities), let your sleep pattern conform to this. When you wake up, you can catch up from there. Enough rest resets everyone; it is a key component if we will hit that top rated seller mark.

As someone that has a full-time job, and then works Fiverr from about 9PM to 1AM every night, I can attest to the fact that you don’t need to be on 24/7 to be successful.

Yes, the app helps big time. On lunch break at work, or other times, I can get on and check messages, and respond.

I don’t sleep with my phone. I put it on silent every night before I go to bed. I only sleep 5-6 hours per night anyway… customers can usually wait a couple hours.

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I use fiverr app!

It’s daft to be online and available 24 hours a day. Adjust your hours as much as you can to suit your customer base but you’re mostly not earning enough per gig to make it worthwhile compensating for the one or two that come in while you’re sleeping & they won’t wait. There are some higher price gigs where I’ve worked into the wee hours but generally it takes me 3 times as long to do things in the late evening (and I’m more likely to make a mistake) than it does to do things when I’m fresh in the morning so I don’t do it unless I really have to.

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