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How to be found by clients on Fiverr?

Hello Fiverreans,

This is going to be my second post in forums, the first post being about receiving negative rating when I had forgotten to turn on Vacation Mode while taking a long break from Fiver. You would be glad to know that I have recently completed my first order and received good rating and review. As a beginner, it was important. I guess it always remains.

Coming to the point, I have observed that we ‘the sellers’ don’t have enough options to attract new clients. For sure, we can post our gigs and reasonable pricings therein. But the chances of being found in the thousands of other sellers seem extremely rare. How to be found?

As a seller who has just started, it may not be the right idea to spend on advertising my Gigs. Can experienced members please put some lights as to how to be found and grow on Fiverr?

Presently, I have three different Gigs on my profile, but I guess I am being visited by many and not being contacted by any. What to do?


Use Buyer Requests!!!
I can’t stress it enough, start by offering your services to those who need what you have for your gigs. Then when you have sold some off of Buyer Requests and get positive reviews from this, more people will be likely to purchase what you offer.

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Do you actually find any Buyer Requests that

  1. contain enough information to make an offer
  2. appear to be legitimate
  3. ask for a reasonable service in a reasonable time, and
  4. make sense?

Just curious.


A majority of my sales have been for Buyer Requests, and yes, recently there have been less that I’ve seen that make sense or are legitimate offers, but I still have sent a few that I’ve sold off of. Just keep looking and if you see some that aren’t good enough ignore them. You could also explain what you’ll do and THEN ask for additional information before starting the order. It’s worked out for me, so if you are persistent you’ll get some sales.


I don’t think its a good idea to send an offer and then ask for info - the Buyer can just order. Actually the type of request that I see most consistently is someone asking for Buyers (I know, old complaint, but it’s still going on).

At one point the system was only showing 10 to the Buyer (so if you were #30 the Buyer wouldn’t see yours until they removed enough of the other ones). Have you received orders from BRs that already had a lot of offers when you submitted yours?

Yea, last night actually. There was a buyer who had 15+ and I sent him an offer after his request had already been up for over 24 hours. And guess what, I finished the order today and got $15. Just keep pushing.

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Are Buyer requests meant to be posted Sellers? I have been observing that most Sellers have been aggressively using that feature. I will have to think about it. Thank you, Braden. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, I have one negative and one positive rating, which makes me ineligible to post new offers (as it shows on the top of that page).

Whatever you do, don’t respond to any offers sellers have posted on Buyer Requests and for sure don’t post your own. These posts are violations of ToS and are actually just downright annoying. Some people do post on these but I’m almost positive that nobody actually gains sales from them.


Hi there,

Promote your gig on social media [Suggested by support to me]

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Basically, buyer requests have never worked for me. However I think it depends on what you offer. I offer custom whiteboard animation services so I need as much information as possible in order to send an offer.

I think posting your gigs on social media and tweaking your gigs from time to time in order to be found better in buyer’s searches.

I don’t advise sending spam messages, loads of sellers do that and you can be reported.


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So, without a social media account with lots of friends, the chances of getting success on Fiverr are rare. Is that so?

I guess, Patience is the key.

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No, the chances to succeed on Fiverr without posting on social media is not rare.

Again, this depends on the Gig. If you offer a well sought after gig, you will not need to do much.

From experience, I never posted on social media but I was also tweaking my gigs (descriptions and tags). I study the impressions, views and clicks, then use it to make my decision on what I need to modify.

Delivering an exceptional service is also KEY. Also do your best to make sure the buyer is extremely happy with you. I get loads of referrals and because those referrals are happy, I get more great feedback which ranks me even higher.

You have to try a variety of things and stick to the one that works for you


Well, yes to all four.

“I need a female voice over done on a 213 word book blurb. This is a lost love story of her to him. You must be able portray anguish in your voice. Background music is not required but is a plus.”

Delivery: 7 days
Price: blank

I’ll get about 30 or so offers. I will use the “sort” function to delete all $5 offers, delete all offers that are outrageously high, delete all offers where seller says - I can do for you, thanks - sort the rest (typically 1/3 is left), I will check out the gig pages and pick one.

I’ve picked 2nd to last offer before. The 1st to apply doesn’t necessarily get the job. I wait 24 hours or when I’ve reached at least 30 offers, because I know 2/3 will be trash.


You can share your gig on Twitter, Fb, instagram, Linkdn etc… many other platform are available :slight_smile:

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Thanks for putting thought and effort into your purchasing process. :slight_smile:

I still can’t figure out how to get that many offers (as a Buyer).


I don’t always got 30 or more offers.

When I request illustrations, virtual assistants, logo designers or anything where there is abundant amount of sellers, I reach 30 quickly, as in few hours.

Unfortunately, I end up using the delete function just as quickly to rid of all the worthless offers. I get 10 offers in less than a hour, I delete 6, then it shows as 4. I get 10 more, I delete another 6, it shows as 8, etc.

No sense in keeping a $5 “I do for you” offers in my queue for something I know should be no less than $20.

When I am looking for something specific like translation service or male voice over, I may get a dozen or less offers in 24 hours.

Thanks for thinking, indeed.
Apart from BRs with a vagueness, which makes replying to them seem like taking too big a risk (much too much time/work or cancellation and taking the resulting drop in your order completion rate) for the outcome, I keep seeing things like BRs by people who want you to help them moving a sofa or weed their garden and stuff like that without even mentioning the continent, not to speak of unimportant details like their city… wtf…?! (since we’re in The Ranting Pot ;))

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??? I’m racking my brain to figure out which category someone would even post this. It’s got to be a prank - then again, //Sigh// I do wonder sometimes.

‘Other’, in the Fun and Lifestyle section but I fear I’m sure it’s not pranks :wink: There are all kinds of very interesting BRs there, all kinds of directions of interesting

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