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How to be notified for buyer request?

Hi all,

Is there a way to get notifications when there is a new buyer request ?

I want to answer requests as quickly as I can, I think it’s better. But, I cannot check the page every hour, that’s not very convenient.



And when a request disappear from the page, does it mean that the buyer has found a seller?
Some requests are up only for 10 minutes.

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Buyers can remove their requests manually and Fiverr will stop showing requests when they hit a certain limit. For example, new sellers can only bid X amount on each request. You have to be fast :slight_smile:
Once you get to 2nd level you’ll see more requests.


i think so. and i think it depend your activity as well.

it is easy for you if you used fiver mobile can active anytime from your mobile phone and send buyer request as well

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how to set buyers request notification in fiverr app.Please reply

HI everyone
Actually I’m new on fiverr. I seen some problem in my Profile.I can’tfind some manu bar like Buyer request,My Gigs,My Account,More.What happen with my Profile.Please help me Bro.

I will like to know the answer to this question too

using the app can be a quick way to check for buyer’s request frequently. It’s just like checking your fb or twitter feed

There is a browser extension called Notifiverr but it’s not free


Thank you sir , i’m a new seller on fiverr , i needed this valuable informations .

its better to use fiverr App , it will be easier , most of time app shows more requests rather than the PC

could i know please the notifivver extension is working properly ,wehne i use it ,it effects to my fivver account?

hello…how this fiveer actually work,?
what i need to do to get orders

Read the fiverr forum , there was so many helpful articles for beginners

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You better not use the scripts , its not allowed with fiverr
download the fiverr app it will be easier


It works great. There was a little bug I encountered after using it for a couple of weeks but I wrote their support and they fixed it pretty quickly. Also I am using it for over 3 months now without any issues regarding my Fiverr account but of course this is no guarantee. Hope I could help :slight_smile:

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