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How to be online continuously?


I just want to know how to stay online?

Let me explain!
I start my work at 6 AM and I open my Fiverr at 6.
But after some time the green status turned to grey and I am offline now so I have to refresh that page again to be online?

Please explain about the mobile application as well because when I am not in the office I use the mobile app and try to stay online but still my green becomes grey and I go offline.

So any suggestions How to deal with this?
Like I think I am online more than 12 hours a day?

Please Guide Me.
Thank You

My suggestion is to stop focusing on being online. It doesn’t do anything. It’s just a silly myth.

Instead focus on building a business that people want.


Be careful of the answers you may receive!

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If you’re truly online for 12 hours straight waiting for a message/order, you aren’t fully utilizing your time. The chances of someone filtering the search for a seller who is currently online is slim. Most buyers are looking for someone who provides a professional service. They are looking for someone who is good at what they do. If your gig is in an over saturated market, you have to find a way to stand out. There’s always room for improving your gig. Instead of sitting around waiting, pick up a book and educate yourself on running a small business. Do research and try to figure out where you can find your target audience.

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I think this idea is much better thanks for your response

I’m going to say much the same as the answers already posted here.

Staying online for extended periods of time so you won’t miss a Fiverr opportunity is nuts.

Would you keep a storefront business open 24/7 and stay there at the front door throughout the day to grab customers as they walk by?

Be sensible.

Work to improve your skills and be patient.


Just setting yourself online with an auto-refresher so you can wander off away from your computer does you no good whatsoever. How do you expect to respond to people who might contact you because they see that you’re “online” when in fact you’re not?

If you want to show potential buyers that you’re online and available at that very moment, then be online and be present. You do that by actively looking around on the site. Browse other gigs, research higher level sellers in your niche for ideas on how to improve your own gigs. Disclaimer: Do NOT copy them, just research and get ideas and inspiration from them.

You can also be reading through the forum to keep yourself actively online.

Don’t just log in and then walk away. Log in and be active, present and able to respond if someone does happen to contact you.

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The thing is, if he were to install a web browser extension to auto refresh, that is a good way to get your account banned.

There is no reason to be online here for hours on end. None. I get probably 80 to 90% of my orders when I am offline and doing other things.



Exactly. I was just referring to the impracticality of it alone. Some folks pass it off as widely accepted great advice, and I’m glad to see common sense attempting to prevail, one post at a time. :slight_smile:

Since you can get notifications when someone messages you, there’s no need to even try to keep that little green light on constantly. And if you’re trying to keep that little light on, and someone messages you with the impression that you’re actually online and available to answer a question, you’ll want to actually be able to answer them. And sometimes that isn’t even a guarantee, I’ve been online rummaging around, and sometimes don’t even get the notification until several minutes later.

So moral of the story is, sure it’s good to be online, but when you are, be active and engaged and doing things on the site. Don’t think you have to be showing online umpteen hours, and certainly don’t try to show that you’re online but then go off and do other things. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Understood! Thank You so much for your response.