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How to be "online"?

What impacts the online status?
If I have the mobile app installed am I online? Or it needs to be open?
If I have the website open am I online? Or I need to be active?

Thanks for your insights.


I believe when you have the website open it shows you online for 15 till next update and the app has to be open to show you online.


This is a good question as I have wondered this myself. Sometimes it seems that when I open the website back up on my computer that I am not online for a little while. Then the green bubble next to my picture at the top finally lights up. If I keep my profile open in a separate tab, does it remain “online”?


To show you online whole day long .You can use phone app . follow these steps :
first install the fiverr app > go to setting > click show online > turn toggle radio button left to right > come back to home .

Now i hope you will appear all time online when you are logged in :grinning:


Nice! Thanks! I just did that. Super helpful!

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Thank you very much Faruk!

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Hey klien2 nowadays there’s a new option came up called ‘available now’ it’s a beta version, i guess i’m using that to make myself online 24 hours even if i’m away from my computer. Goodluck.

Available now doesn’t make you appear online 24/7. It only shows buyers that you are ready to receive an order at that exact time… If you turn the feature on and you go offline, you will be blocked from using it for 30 days.

Well i got actually blocked by using the word ‘email’ by mistake, i guess that’s was the main reason of the Available now blockage that i faced.

Opening the fiverr app then minimizing it won’t show you online through out. Fiverr auto checks if there is activity going on to determine if you are online or offline. Even on the desktop you have to actually be carrying out any function inorder to be online.

How do you use the word email by mistake?? Available Now won’t be blocked if you use the word email, you will be blocked for not replying to buyers… Your statement above shows you were trying to work the system.

Yeah following up with the thread "How to be online " How about when using the forum does it reflects if one is 'online ’ or not?

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yes,… phone app is best for showing online .but website site is not like that . after sometimes it goes to offline :frowning: