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How to be online

Hello Everyone,
Well, today I was just finishing my course on udemy “Top-rated seller secrets.” And here I am with one of my questions that with the use of Auto-refresh is my profile is online on this great marketplace and my gigs are with an online badge.

This is already being discussed in another thread as we speak;

In short - it’s awful advice. The people who sell these courses on Udemy are, more often than not, not making any money on Fiverr themselves, and instead make money from selling courses to people who fall for these tricks and scams.

At least now we know where some of this awful advice is coming from.


NEVER take “top-rated seller” advice from someone on Udemy. Most of it is likely to be false advice from someone who has never been a top-rated seller, and has little to no clue how to actually be successful here on Fiverr.

Fiverr offers its own seller success courses. Those will help you be successful. I caution you to stay as far away from any Fiverr advice on Udemy as possible. Unfortunately, you have likely wasted your money over there, and you won’t be any better here for it.


Solid advice. I once took an Udemy course by a “TSR”. The guy encouraged students to create multiple accounts. I’m sure many of the people who followed his advice have since been banned.

The instructors of these courses often feel compelled to share “secret hacks” to justify the course’s price tag. Most of these hacks are useless, even dangerous.