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How to be safe from fake ghostwriters


There was another user some time ago that suggested copying and pasting from the document into a plain text editor like Notepad and then copy paste from Notepad into a Plagiarism checker. The only other option is to directly retype the text into the checker to see if anything comes up.


Guys, its been 6 months from this incident. These sellers are still active on fiverr.
They are getting sales too.


Thanks for sharing your experience. Glad my post helped.
But some of these sellers are still active on fiverr.


Even after coping to Note pad it still not show any plagiarism.
Only way is by using a encoded detector or text to speech software.


Copyscape or any other plagiarism software can not detect this.
Only way is by using a encoded detector or text to speech software.


Still amazon haven’t detected this. Once they detect this, All these publishers will get banded without even noticing what they have done.


Amazon still can’t detect this.


Are you saying that the sellers you ordered from are still active, even though you reported them and had your orders refunded?

I’m genuinely surprised by this. I’m tempted to try and see if I can publish a plagiarized book using character encoding, just to see how easy it is. I just don’t want to risk my account.

Have you reached out to Amazon about this directly? I would imagine that they might be interested in hearing your thoughts, especially if you can show them an example of a book in the Kindle store which has been plagiarized using character encoding.

I am working on getting two books ready for Amazon myself. (Though, I don’t know when I will be finished. It could be another week). When I do publish, I might republish one of my existing books (which I own all rights to), with some characters encoded. If this works, I may send them a ticket myself.


Do you have an example piece of text that copying to notepad didn’t help put it into a format that could be used with online plagiarism checkers and plagiarism found (if there)?

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