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How to be seen!


Just launched my travel inspired gig! Anyone have suggestions for how to get my gig noticed?

Much love


You can promote it in the forum under “My Fiverr Gigs”, and also on social media :wink: .

Check buyer request as well …hope that helps :slight_smile: Good Luck!!!


Thanks so much!!


Two other thoughts for you…

You might want to ultimately work into your little profile bio some of what you wrote in your gig about your experience:

I also have personal experience with nomadic living, expat life, teaching ESL and environmental sustainability and can touch on these subjects if required. I am a freelance writer whose travel articles to date have received over 27,000 social media shares.

when I opened your gig, I glanced at the side profile first, and the way it reads now, it sounds like you simply are striving to see the world, not that you already have that kind of experience with writing. The teaching ESL helps as any educational anything I think is beneficial.

The other second thing I was going to suggest is that it might be helpful to say where you are from…are you originally from Vietnam? Or are you an American who lives there now? Just to make it clear.

I would just search for Travel Writing, and just read through all the gig descriptions and profiles and take notice of what kind of photos people are using and how they write things up and who has many reviews.

It also takes some time to get selling.


This is all great advice! Thanks so much. I am still trying to get my bearings with this site so I will try to figure out how to make all of these changes. Thanks again.



I am tired to advice all that upload video to your gig and i have a another secret to get sales on gig but i can’t reveal that secret.


I think alexcreativity’s “secret” is to hire a pretty woman named Macey to make your video, use their photo as your profile pic and quite probably sell someone else’s stolen work.

Not to put too fine of a point on it, but most English writers in the US can manage decent grammar for at least one sentence. Most, not all. :wink: