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How to be succesful and sell gigs?

Hello. I created a gig,added clear and nice photos,used a clear title and a description I took some time to think about.
I sold only one gig,to a guy,10 days ago and since then,nothing.
Only 235 impressions,54 clicks and 94 views;1 order.
Help me?

Sometimes it just takes a little bit. You got your first order, which is very important because that will improve your rank in search. I can’t see your gig, but I would make sure your description is filled out as much as possible (helps in search) and that you are using 5 good quality tags. Also, if you don’t have a video, I would find a way to include one. Gigs with videos rank better as well.

Good luck!

Still got no answer. My gig get like 40 more clicks since yesterday and few more views but still no order. What’s wrong?

Do you have windows movie maker or iMovie? I use movie maker and it takes about 5 minutes to make a video using it.

Also your profile picture is distracting. Try to use just a portrait image of yourself or an icon.

If you want to get noticed so people see your gig, be original, use interactive images and videos as most people have never seen them and they will make you really stand out from the crowd.

So in the end I think I should make a video