How To Be successful after long Period of Vacation?


I’m doing Graphic Designing on fiverr and my profile was pretty decent. I have got orders 3-4 a week before. But before 8 months i have enabled vacation mode because of my examinations. After 8 months now i have returned to fiverr , But i feel iam not welcomed here. Now i am not getting orders even i have reneved my gigs.
You can share your experience to help others


8 months is a long time…now you have to keep the patience for more orders…just apply for buyers request and promote your gigs .


It’s very hard - Fiverr don’t help after vacation. I’m suffering with same :wink:


But they asking if you have no time put on the vacation mode… But now…???


It is hard because there is lot of competition nowadays and there must be many sellers who are giving their 100 percent during the days when you were not available so considering that your gigs will get down and to regain that position it will need efforts and patience.


At times the vacation mode hits you bad, at times it does not. Keep on keeping on: send 10 buyer requests every day and act like you are starting from the scratch. I am sure you will get a stream of sales. Good luck. :sparkles:


Thanks , I 'm doing it…


Also, keep your profile consistent. If someone from the forum decides to contact you on the fiverr site, they surely will be thrown off by the gender difference in both the profiles.


be patience. Sooner you’ll get order.