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How To Be Successful On

Micro entrepreneurship is on the rise and Fiverr is one of the most popular spots to start doing jobs. Micro jobs are tasks performed for as low as $5, some sites let users charge up to $20 however, I haven’t heard about much success on those sites. I do however have experience being successful on Fiverr and will provide tips and tricks to help you stand out and be successful.

First thing you should know is that Fiverr charges customers $5 per job. When you create a service you’d like to provide and someone purchases it, you only get around $3.96. This is because Fiverr takes out $1 and paypal also charges fees. However, if you have the attitude that you’re only going to make $3.96 then you will not be successful. In addition, when you reach higher seller levels, you will be able to create addons to your gigs and generate more money. After ten successful transactions, users can charge more for their services. It is not uncommon for people on Fiverr to make a hundreds to thousands of dollars but there’s important tips you need to use in order to maximize your potential.

Remember, on Fiverr, you’re the one providing the service, making your own rules, and building a brand and clientele.

Create Gigs That Are Worth $5

Many people complain about doing a lot of work for a Fiverr gig. Remember, you’re only charging $5 for the gig therefore, you need to know your worth and do gigs that are only worth $5.

If you’re an artist, don’t create gigs that require you to spend more than 30minutes on a drawing. If you’re a translator, don’t create gigs that require you to translate more than 10 pages. There are several reasons addressed later in this article that will help you see the reason why it’s important to do gigs that are worth $5.

Create Gigs That Can Be Done Quickly

Preferable within 1-2 days. If you create gigs that are worth $5 then it seems reasonable that it should be done quickly. This is important because Fiverr labels gigs performed in 1 day as “express gigs”. People will be more likely to purchase your gigs if they know you can do it quickly. Gigs won’t be labelled as express until you have proven that you can deliver the gig quickly. This requires at least one customer purchase your gig. Once your gigs is labeled express, more people will view it.

Another reason to finish the gig quickly is so that the buyer doesn’t have time to even think about cancelling the order. The buyer may get antsy if you wait too long, especially if they’re not buyers that really trust random people online to do jobs for them. I place a high value on my time, one of my gigs have an average completion time of 40min. Think about it…minimum wage in most states is $7.50/hr and gig is $5 though in the end you’re getting $3.96. Under an hour completion time should be the goal.