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How to be Successful on Fiverr - Three Principles

To offer some transparency about what our editors are looking for when reviewing Gigs, the team have shared with us the three key principles to successfully selling on Fiverr. They are:

1) Be Respectful

We want you to achieve all your goals and help you make money doing what you love but we do need to maintain our community as the warm, welcoming, and fun place it is.

Our editors keep an eye out for Gigs that violate another company’s Terms of Service. Gigs that infringes upon third party intellectual property rights or their terms of use is subject to removal by our content editors as stated in our Terms of Service.

2) Be True

Graphics are an important tool to help you attract buyers. Providing an accurate visual representation of your Gigs can really help you increase sales.

Here are some tips to keep you on the right track:

> Show your own work. If you use a stock image, a random photo from the Internet or an image that you bought from a different seller, you may end up misleading your buyers which could lead to negative feedback and cancellations.

> Get a tailor made image for your Gig. This is a great solution if you are for example a programmer, writer or offer a Gig that isn’t a physical product. Just make sure that the seller you buy it from owns the copyright to it and that you are free to use it.

> Selling and using templates that you don’t own the rights to use for sale is something our editors are always on the look out for.

3) Be Professional

Building strong relationships with your buyers is the best strategy in establishing a great reputation for you and your Gigs as well as creating a steady income. We put a lot of time and effort bringing new buyers to Fiverr. Once they’re on the site, the Gigs and customer service that you and other sellers provide will determine not only how much they spend, but whether they choose to come back.

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The Three B’s Of Subbbcess

Great tips Kevin. Short, simple and to the point.

Those are some great tips :slight_smile:

Great tips Thank you much for sharing

warm regards

Love fiverr

gr8 tips…kelvin.Politeness can also win every1’s heart.

Thanks for the tips :slight_smile:

But still :frowning: IMO i’m doing all 3 but still no orders and no success!

Here’s my current example:

Great principles about success on fiverr…they are absolutely Short, simple and to the point.

seller stealing money and does not sell subscribers

@valov7171 Please report suspicious behaviour to our support team.

Thank for good advice

Very Valuable Tips


i want to more order for mu submission gig.i will submit any site to top 10 chines searchengines for 5$""what can i do for get more order for my true and value gig

Great tips. Thank you :slight_smile:

Useful! Thank you!


Thanks Kevin!

I’m glad fiverr is FINALLY being forthcoming and “transparent” about something.

The FTA won’t allow them to hide behind the curtain forever LOL!

Now if we could just get MORE transparency!



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Great Tips. It will definitely help a newbie like me.

I just posted my first gig on Answering Conception / Pregnancy related questions.