How to be successful on fiverr?


Hi, my name is Alexei and I’m 20 yeards old. I’m from Minsk (Belarus).

I registered on Fiverr about 2 months, but don’t understand how to be successful here? How to have many orders every day? I’m trying to create gigs very carefully, but don’t have orders. I love fiverr and I want to work here every day, but do not understand how.

May have any advice for me? Sorry if there were errors in the text. I do not know English very well.


Like the seller above said, check Fiverr’s blogposts, the forum guides, etc. … You’ll definitely find the answers you’re looking for there. :slight_smile: Recently, I found that my sales have gone up by simply changing the main photo. For example, I used to just have a picture of books for my Poetry Editing gig. I then decided to add actual words on it (Professional Poetry Editing). You can go a step further and sum up your services in the photo via bullet points. Be specific about your services, be fair, and be friendly. That seems to have worked well for other sellers (myself included).


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