How to be Top Rated Seller?


My question is to the specialist member that how fiverr give a seller verious levels like 1, 2 and top? I am working in about 3 months. But I have not get any level yet.


Thank you @madmoo

according to I have no chance to get any level. Is any advise for me? please…


@madmoo in your given link I noticed that to get level 1 seller have to sell 10 gig successfully as like 50 gig within 2 month. But I get only 6 six order and 2 positive feedback in 3 month. So how it is possible to get level now.


thank you very much… It make me happy and free from huge tension thank you so so so much.


Another question to you is any advantage on fiverr search result by posting here?

arnevb said: You will need 10 orders with excellent ratings if you want to reach level 1
You will need 50 orders within 2 months if you want to reach level 2