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How to be unbanned from forum?

Hi, Fiverr!

One of my friends is banned from the forum. Maybe he posted a gig post in somewhere that he shouldn’t do.

Can you please advise how to unlock the forum account?

Best Regards

There are different time limitations if it’s not a permanent ban.
After few day, He/She can come back to the Forum.
Tell him to follow the Forum rules and stay careful when he come back :slight_smile:

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That would not get someone suspended or banned. You friend must have done much more than that. On their forum profile, the length of a suspension and the reason for being suspension are shown.

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Thanks. Can you please let me know usually how many times it usually take to unban people?

5,7,10,month,year, decades, century…
Maybe like that. But don’t know exactly how that works.

Your friend can contact Customer Support if he cannot get on the forum. It may be that he got caught in the spam filter which can block people for simple things like posting links in the title and such. A block like that does not show up on the forum profile. Your friend needs to contact CS himself, though. He can ask them what happened and the proper forum team staff will be notified.

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Thank you everybody.

Hi,fiverr can i get unbanned on my acc i know what i was doing was bad but i just really want to get unbanned i promise i wont violate any of the rules agian my name on fiverr is juelzmarte

what’s is the all forum rules ?