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How to be visible at search results


If I search for a service I do like portrait, I won’t see my gig, no matter how far I search!
All my gigs statistics are red and arrow down. My impression low, clicks low, social low, views low. BUT wasn’t low that way before. NOTE AM SENDING BUYERS REQUEST even my impression won’t rise.
Please help!!!
Give valuable reply due to your experience. ThanksPreformatted text


Promote your gig in social media networks


Share your gigs on social media platforms just like @emrlanka has stated. This will make your Gig’s to have positive impressions, clicks and views overtime.


While creating a gig you can put five “search tags”. Just make sure that you do this properly.


No, sharing gigs on social media platforms will NOT raise gig impressions on Fiverr. Off-site traffic has nothing to do with impressions. Impressions are only registered when a gig shows up in search results, or appears on a category page when someone loads that page.

Clicks are only registered when someone already on Fiverr clicks on a gig image.

Views are the only stat that has anything to do with off-site traffic. Views are registered any time an actual gig page is loaded, regardless of where the visitor came from.


Check that you didn’t pause your gig.
Also did you make changes on your gig recently? If so then that’s your reason. After you add changes your gig disappears from search for some time but it will catch back. And don’t panic. That happens wuite often and doesn’t depend on you. My impressions can change from 50k to 4K overnight and all the way around. Just make sure that you are doing great job so the system would rank you higher.


Great explanations from you. But what I meant is that, assuming he shares his Gig’s on social media and he was able to directs potential customers through his links, I think his impressions and clicks may rise overtime.
As a new seller, I stand to be corrected though :blush:


share your gigs on social media like Facebook, twitter, linked in etc etc


No, if he shares his gigs on social media, that will NEVER raise his impressions or clicks, because impressions and clicks have absolutely nothing to do with off-site traffic. The only way a seller gains impressions or clicks is from buyers who find the seller’s gigs in search results or Fiverr category pages.


This is great info
Most of the people don’t know this including myself


Okay, thanks for the tips. I now understand better.


promote your all gig to do marketing