How to become a fiverr king


I was blessed to find fiverr as it launced me from making 0 online to 6 figures. It all started with fiverr. I have many ways and methods to help make this happen I am happy to share them. Google an article called the fiverr king that is me then ask away!


Is part of your strategy by posting pretty much the same thing to every category of the forum? :-?


Does it help if you have a Gig in the new and newsworthy section of the website? My background music Gig is in there now and I wonder if it will get me extra sales.



Six figures? That includes the dollar sign and the decimal point right?




You can post/promote your gig here;

Posting anywhere else or repeated posting is considered spam and is surely bound to get the Sheriff’s attention. Not too mention a few comments form the gallery.

Just posting your gig in “My Fiverr Gigs” unto itself is not likely to get you extra sales, unless someone on the forum sees, likes it and needs it.