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How to Become a Fiverr Top seller

With just a few hours away to make it 30 days of joining fiverr and almost 30 orders completed. Hopefully, I’ll get the “Fiverr Level 1” Seller badge anytime from now. My next goal is to get to Level 2 after the next 30 days and hopefully become a fiverr top seller very soon. I created this thread to seek advice and get tips from fiverr top sellers on how a newbie like me could become a Fiverr top seller. The competition on fiverr is second to none with thousands of talented people offering similar service. Please, Fiverr top sellers attention are needed here. Thank you!

The first thing to do is search the forum for “top rated seller” or TRS. You will find many, many existing posts on it. It will take some time to read, but that’s ok because many strong need anywhere from a year to several years to get there.

Next, use those tips and do an overhaul. You will never get TRS with several gigs using the same gig image of a face that is distorted. All your gigs should be different and have their own professional images.

You’ll have to clean up sentences like this “With my Top Quality Contents, you will have high conversion and earn more Money.” Most USA native English writers don’t say “contents” or use capital letters that way, especially those with an MBA. Also consider that SEO related gigs are among the most difficult to use to attain TRS nowadays.

Finally, go through the podcasts. There is even one about becoming TRS. After all that work, polish and hitting level 2, you might be ready for personalized tips if you still need them.

It took me about two years to become a Top Rated Seller. I had 100% positive feedback and many returning clients. At that time I had at least 200 clients per month. I noticed one day I had been promoted to Top Rated Seller. Some do it much faster.

As fonthaunt said there have been a lot of posts on this topic before so you can do some searching here to find more information.

I agree that you do not use English like a native speaker of the language.
And since your gig promises that everything you deliver will be grammatically correct,
I was surprised by all the grammatical errors in your gig descriptions.