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How to become a good seller

Hi to everyone. I’m trying to make money for summer vacation. I came back to freelance graphic design after a long time. I was working at turkish marketing site bionluk like fiverr then i chose fiverr. But i have to admit it, selling products is very hard in fiverr. How can i become a good seller? I looked at all articles but they doesn’t helping me i think. I want to learn your experience.


Alright, but if you only have generic questions, you’ll only get generic answers.

Generic answer: experience.

If you have some specific questions, you’ll likely get better advice.

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I didn’t mean to upset you, please do not misunderstand me. When i was reading all tips about selling or marketing. They are not helping. They are writing general thing and some informations are worthless.

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If you can suggest useful guides, I will read them.

Okay, that’s a bit clearer.

Have you read this one?

If so, then this is probably the next step: (check out ONLY the [Free Preview] option for now.)

thanks i will look at.

I think the question you are really asking is “how to become a successful seller” instead of “good seller.”

“Good” would involve actually delivering what one promises, clear and polite communication, professional conduct and attitude, timely deliveries, etc.

Becoming successful is an absolute crapshoot that involves so many controllable and uncontrollable factors. What field one is entering, how saturated that field is, how much demand is present, how skilled/talented one is, how attractive/unique one’s gigs are, how one’s services are priced, etcetera, etcetara, ad nauseum…

Yes, you are correct but I believe my designs are unique. My problem is finding customer. Because fiverr is really big ocean. There is many seller trying to sell their products. I wonder how I can show myself out of them. Thanks for your answer.