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How to become a pro seller in fiverr?


I am just confused about PRO Seller feature of fiverr. Do anyone have experienced about it?


Me too.

What if for example I get nominated after reaching the goals and then they do not choose me?
Do I have after that another change for being nominated?


Just type “becoming a PRO seller” in the search bar above and you will find lots of helpful posts on the subject.


You become a Pro seller by applying and being accepted as one.

Here’s more info: The Start of Something Big: Meet Fiverr Pro


Thanks… i have seen few of them but i want to know real experience


Here’s some real experience:


Thanks…The Article Helped a lot


And if you want advice on how to become a Pro seller, I wrote a guide to that on the Fiverr blog.


Here we go.


So far every result the search leads to this post.