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How to Become a Successful Seller on Fiverr 2019 – Top Tips to Follow

How to Become a Successful Seller on Fiverr 2019

If you are reading this article then you are familiar with the name “Fiverr” and already know how powerful & beneficial this platform is for independent service providers, freelancers & entrepreneurs. It’s one of the most trusted, mostly technical service providing platforms with a large category of various project & services.

Here the buyers meet sellers directly and get their job done in a seamless way. There are a huge number of Buyers and Sellers in Fiverr from across the world and the work order flow in Fiverr is humongous.

Therefore if you are a seller in Fiverr and can manage your account properly then you will never be out of work and can earn good. Here I will share some of my experience with you which might help you to be a successful seller in fiverr quickly. Remember building strong reputation and making your work visible is the key to success in every business and it applies for “Fiverr” also. Possess profound skillset & knowledge in whatever service you are offering, because your work will speak for you. Building trust & reputation will also count and it’s certainly the most important part and you can earn it by buyers’ positive review.

There is an enormous number of sellers in Fiverr so creating a higher visibility index will help you to get orders fast. Your profile & Gigs should appear with a higher visibility index under your specific category. Things you should remember to become a successful seller on Fiverr.

  1. Offer a service based on your expertise & experience.

  2. Create a simple yet attractive description, make your buyers easily understand your offerings without using jargons in your description, make it crisp.

  3. Gig videos can play an important role. It’s smart, contemporary & will definitely help to increase your order rate. Explain your service offerings & skill sets in short but interactive video.

  4. Delivery time can be a key. While setting up your Gig give extra attention on the delivery time. Setting up an appropriate delivery time is a key to success on fiverr.

  5. Search friendly Gig title & relevant keywords can play a big role to boost your visibility index. Your title & keywords should be intriguing enough to grab the attention of your buyer.

  6. Another important factor is Fiverr Mobile App. Number of users accessing Fiverr through app is increasing day by day. Make your profile Mobile App optimized. You can manage your buyers and order faster on the go and it will also help to make your response time faster hence increase conversion rate.

  7. Do not forget to ask for a neutral feedback form your buyer without doing any request for positive feedback. Feedbacks & reviews are the prominent driving algorithm for your visibility index and a path to become a successful seller on Fiverr.

  8. Follow Fiverr Forum & Help Centre ardently. These two places are full of tips, guidelines & resources which will help you in every aspect through the path starting from setting up your first Gig to a Pro Seller.

  9. Refund Policies you should mention clearly in your gig. Trust me it helps a lot to get your first order and so on. A 100% guaranteed refund will encourage your buyers to appoint you without any hesitation. Your soul aim should be getting orders, deliver properly and accumulating feedback & reviews to staidly become successful seller on Fiverr and getting plenty of works you could handle.

  10. The most challenging part is to get your first order, trust me this could test your patience level real hard.
    You can overcome this situation by convincing your friends and relatives to purchase your Gigs initially so that you can build a portfolio with reviews.

  11. Seller level is an important factor. There are several layers in Fiverr, new comer which has basically no level then level 1 seller, level 2 seller & top rated seller. Learn details about the seller levels and criteria to promote yourself in seller level in Fiverr Seller Help Centre.
    Remember in Fiverr you need to start with $5 for the service you are providing. You will get $4 after successful delivery because fiverr will charge 20%. Your aim should be to promote yourself so that you can gradually increase your charge. Higher number of orders, positive feedbacks will help you to cross the $5 mark. Put your best effort & time into it maintain a trustworthy profile and gradually by following the above points you will definitely be able to become a successful seller on Fiverr.

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