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How to become a top-rated seller 2020?

Hello good people,
I hope all of you are doing great. I am working at the Fiverr from 2018 as Full Stack Web Developer (WordPress, Laravel). :100:

I am very close to become a top-rated seller. But now I want a few tips by checking my profile. I have eight gigs (One for Laravel, One for eCommerce, and others for WordPress). :revolving_hearts:

A few people told me, shortlist of gigs are good to earn a top-rated seller badge. And a few other people told me the maximum numbers of Gigs are good to get many projects at Fiverr. :confused:

That’s why I am confused. Do I need to remove any gigs from Fiverr profile? I have shared my profile link bellow, I need expert advice, please. :pray:

Also, if you are on the way the same as me, then you can reply, and we can discuss and get expert advice. Are you?

Thank You


You could look at a quite a few TRS sellers and see if they tend to have a high number or low number of gigs. I assume both are okay as long as they’re all quality gigs, maybe especially if they’re all of a similar sort of thing (not duplicate gigs but not very different sorts of categories).

Some things I think might help (just my guess/opinion):

  • Maybe take out “lifetime support” (due to the 30 days of service max)
  • Maybe take out “24/7 support” from the video(s) - they may not know how you can do that unless you’re a team
  • Maybe take out “satisfaction guarantee”. It might be okay though, but I think TRS don’t usually have it.

Sir i wanna know is that maximum numbers of Gigs are good to get many projects at Fiverr.

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I think in general a higher number of gigs is better (if they’re all quality gigs) - not necessarily the max, but it will probably depend on the seller and their skills (and maybe whether they work in a team). Some people can have thousands of orders with just a couple of gigs, more people seem to get more orders/reviews with more gigs, but I think it’s probably best if they’re all in a similar sort of topic (gigs are related in some way). It’s probably important not create gigs that are too similar though (ie. don’t create 2 different gigs for what is basically the same thing) but having having gigs in multiple categories/subcategories probably helps a seller see more offers in the BR page.


Thank you for your time and reply.
I shall follow your instructions



You know! Most of the clients come to me by clicking 2/3 gigs from my gig list. Do you think if I remove other Gigs is it make any negative issues on my sales and upcoming ranking? :confused:

Thank you for your time and patience :pray:

I am a Top Rated Seller. I started Fiverr in 2018. Once I met the requirements to be a TRS there was no step to actually BE a TRS. I waited about a month and I got the congrats email. There are some people who never get promoted even though they have met the technical requirements.

A TRS is hand picked by Fiverr. They dive into your account and review everything! They review your messages and look at your communication, how you relate with people, do you complete your projects, are you respectful, do you have cancellations, are your gigs professional etc. the only map you can follow is professionalism. Everything has to be professional.

Numbers are part of it but to actually put you in the TRS category, your BEHAVIOR MATTERS just as much. Not only that, you must keep your communications professional.

When you have a few minutes, review your gigs and improve what you can. Always be respectful to everyone even if you don’t agree. Always respect customer service. They are valuable employees and need to be treated with kindness.

I hope this helps.


I think it’s fine having all your gigs (all existing active ones still active) at least as long as they all look okay to Fiverr.

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Thank you so much for your reply. There are lots of things to learn.

Thank you so much for your time and for checking :revolving_hearts: my profile. It would help me a lot. :pray:

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Hello everyone, Thanks for joining this conversation. Today I have earned a milestone of :100: :100: double century project delivery, with 100% client satisfaction :revolving_hearts: at the FIVERR. Please keep me on your prayer. And stay safe, have fun. :heart_eyes:


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I figured this is a big part of it, which I figure in my case means I will never achieve top rated seller status having now gone through 4 evaluations with the criteria met and still no promotion.

I’ve just had too many nightmare clients that lead to some inevitably bad situations and conflict. Same goes for cancellations. I’m just generally not the type to let clients take advantage of me so sometimes customer service has to get involved because I won’t immediately cancel orders for problematic clients who are clearly out of line or trying to scam me. It’s relatively rare, but it happens. Same goes for cancellations. While rare, they still happen on occasion and have always been due to a client mistake, not my failure to deliver on time or something.

I just don’t like that the process feels like there is no due process, which I realize they are not entitled to give you. But you don’t know what’s being discussed or what conclusions are being made without you having a chance to explain things and give your side of a situation.

I guess I would be curious to know to what extend or how far back they really comb through your profile or what sorts of things are they really looking at. Are they looking at every conversation you ever had with people, or just a handful of basic metrics, like cancellation rating, conversion rates, bad reviews, or reports.