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How to become a top-rated seller 2021?

Hi Good People,
I hope all of you are well in this pandemic (Covid-19). I am working at Fiverr since 2018 as a Full Stack Web Developer Based on WordPress and Laravel.

Last year I achieved all of the requirements to become a top-rated seller. But sorry to say, still today, Fiverr didn’t appoint me as a top-ratted. I don’t know why. Do you?

I have seen a few of my friends and colleagues already get their top-rated badge, but you know! They haven’t earned all 5-star ratings. But they get the top-rated badge. Why am I not?

I have researched many things, even discussed them with Fiverr support, but I haven’t found any good news yet. Is it my bad luck?

A few people told me that a minimum/maximum number of gigs is good for earning a top-rated seller badge. But I don’t think.

I am really disappointed and confused. I have shared my profile link below; I need your advice in the comment below.

Here is my profile link


Since you’ve already been in communication with Fiverr support, I’m not sure what you expect to hear differently here.

The only thing I can spot right away is that it might be because of the promises you’re making that are impossible to keep.


Thank you for your reply. Especially I am looking forward to expert advice who already achieve TOP Rated badge.
Can you please share? Where have you found my promises which impossible to keep? I am sorry to say; I didn’t offer anything impossible to keep. You may see once again my services offer by visiting this link

Pay attention to what has been said about levels on Fiverr.

" The Top Rated Seller level is the highest status you can achieve on Fiverr and is a recognition for all your hard work. Our editorial team manually reviews your performance for the previous 60 days and awards you this level when you meet the following requirements:

Be an active seller for at least 180 days
Complete at least 100 orders (all time)
Earn $20,000 or more
Maintain a 4.7-star rating over 60 days
Deliver a 90% response rate score over 60 days
Score a 90% order completion rate over 60 days
Achieve a 90% on-time delivery score over 60 days
Receive no warnings over 30 days"

As it says there, their team does a ‘manual review’ so my best guess - just wait for it and keep doing what you’ve been doing.


It says you offer 24/7 support - how are you able to offer support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week when you also need to sleep etc.? It says “Life-Long free technical support” - how do you know you will be able to provide support as long as the buyer or you live or that you will live as long as the buyer?

So those types of things might be things Fiverr might not really like, even though there may be some TRS that have some of those things:

  • In one gig it says “24/7 support.” - I think very few TRS say that and it may not be a good thing to say.

  • One gig offers “refund guarantee” - maybe Fiverr don’t really want that from a TRS.

  • One gig says “Life-Long free technical support” - at one point Fiverr had a 30 day of service limit. That’s no longer there but they might not want you offering life long free support

  • In one gig it has a satisfaction guarantee and 5 stars in the video thumbnail - Fiverr may not like the 5 stars (they disallow star ratings for gig images).


Here’s general advice about top rated sellers from a top rated seller: Why I was chosen to be a Top Rated Seller

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Thank you so much for your guide. It’s my pleasure to have your comment. :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

I don’t think performance matters that much. I’ve met the requirements since 2012 and I’ve never been higher than level 2. So not sure what makes them decide if one is eligible for TRS. I think there’s only 1 TRS in my category (Web traffic) since I last checked.

TRS are hand picked by fiverr team and we never know what quality they seek in them…
May be its depends on people who are in a team while selecting TRS ? !
I fulfilled TRS requirements in 2018 and I wasn’t promoted for next 1 and half year!

I must agree with @imagination7413 @uk1000 about promises you made , they seems impossible !