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How to become a top-rated seller of Fiverr?

Can anyone please advise me, how to become a top-rated seller of Fiverr. ( March 8th I met all my requirements on the top-rated seller. Still, I was not able to acquire top-rated seller. I do not understand, what the problem is? )


The help page for levels says:

Please note that this is a manual process - once you meet the following requirements, we will look back on your performance. Once our team confirms your eligibility, you’ll be ranked as a Top Rated Seller.

So apart from the public requirements Fiverr probably have non-public things they take into account, but delivering quality work and good communication etc. are probably part of it. Maybe they select a set number of people (eg. each month) to be TRS from those who are eligible according to the public stats.

Maybe even though the rating shown in the help page says “Maintain a 4.7 star rating over the course of 60 day” maybe they really want an all time average of even higher (eg. TRS seem to have mostly 4.9 or 5.0 stars all time avg).


Please check my Top-Rated Seller requirements report.

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Yes you’ve met all the public requirements. I’m saying after that it’s a manual process and there may be non-public things (eg. stats) they take into account. eg. they may look at accounts to see communication, quality etc.

Like I said, I think all time average rating might be one of the non-public stat requirements since most TRS seem to have a high value for that (>=4.9 stars).

Like I said, they may also have a set number of accounts (each month or whenever) they allow to be TRS from those that are eligible according to the public TRS requirements. Maybe they have a set amount of new TRS per month etc. they allow for each category (or maybe subcategory) - eg. sellers who have gigs in those categories. But those are just my guesses.

eg. with Fiverr Pro’s they say they only accept 1% of applicants. Maybe there’s a percentage limit for TRS too that we don’t know about (that’s different (higher) than the PRO one)?

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@uk1000 thank you so much!

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