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How to become a top rated seller?

I am new at Fiverr. Can any one please tell me what is the way to become a top rated seller on fiverr?

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Start here…

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Reply to @voiceoverwork, you have a great article there. Though I’m not new to Fiverr I found your tips very helpful. Thank you.

You can read this thread!

I sure hope it will help!

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It’s a very long way, and you have to complete thousands of orders (usually with 100% positive rating)

Reply to @whitehatseo10: Its not True. I saw some profile they have only 50/60 sell and they become Toprated seller. So how they become top rated seller?

This is my one of gig where I get 6 sell with 100% positive feedback. How much order need more to become Top rated seller with this gig? Here is gig url.

Any expert can suggest me please, what to do?

Reply to @kuntalghosh: You are only able to see the number of sales for those gigs which are active. You can’t assume the top rated seller has only sold 50 to 60 gigs total. That seller probably had many sales on gigs which are now gone, eliminated because he/she wanted to do different things, or maybe some gigs are suspended for awhile. You can get a better idea about a seller’s actual sales by checking the world domination map.

Reply to @kuntalghosh: Did you read ANY of the forum threads that people posted here for you?

Your question was answered: you need far more sales, and even then you may never become a TRS.

Here’s another link: Levels

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