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How to become a top seller on fiverr

how to become a top seller on fiverr ?

What does the Fiverr help section suggest? Have you read the advice already posted all over the Fiverr forums? You can learn how to become a top seller by reading the help section, the Terms of Service, and the forum. Good luck.


thank you so much! <3 jonbass

  1. Provide Quality services over quantity.
  2. Reply on time.
  3. Talk politely with customers.
  4. Stay active on the forum.
  5. You must earn at least 2000usd all time.

The Fiverr editorial team will review your account for eligibility of TRS.

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thank you so much!!!

Being active on the forum has no impact on becoming TRS. Also, you need to make 20,000 dollars to be considered for TRS. You also need to keep your analytics in the green.



There is more info on this Fiverr page.

The information you are seeking is at the bottom of the page. :slightly_smiling_face: